The time it was all about the tote bag

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Festival of Books is always something I like to go to. Gorgeous weather on a gorgeous campus and books! What more could you ask for? Author signings? Yep. They have that too.

This year, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to go. Work has been a hooker lately and it was very last minute that I was officially going. I got the affirmative from work around the same time I saw this info from Stephanie Perkins about the Anna Lola Isla tote bag.  The tote bag became the number one priority for all of FoB.

Of course traffic was easy and we got up to USC around 8:30. Everything officially opens at 10, so we used the time to find the booths I wanted. And then we went to LiteraTea, a book inspired cafe.

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We finished our breakfast and headed over to the Mrs. Nelson’s tent to line up for Sarah J Maas and Robin Benway. There was already a line, so I got in it and waited out the last 30 minutes before it officially opened. Nicole found me in line, so I was able to catch up with her for a bit.


Everything opened up at 10 and they started feeding people through lines for Marissa Meyer, Robin Benway and Sarah J Maas. I was able to take my book for Robin and run over to her. I ended up in front of a man who was looking for new series to read. I flailed all over Sarah’s books and I’m pretty sure I convinced him to buy Throne of Glass.

Robin and I chatted for a minute. She laughed because they were only selling pre-signed copies of Going Rogue, but was happy to personalize. After Robin, I ran back to where hubs was holding my place in line for Sarah.

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Mrs Nelson’s had it under control. They had the 3 ladies at separate spaces in the tent and broke up the major line into lines for each author.

When I got up to Sarah, I apologized for the amount of books I had [11]. She laughed and said that she loved it, that she was always worried that no one would show up. As she was signing, I was holding a book up to shield the sun from her eyes. She kept giggling about what she was writing in the books, telling me to explain to everyone that it was early and she didn’t know what she was writing.

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After Sarah, we made a trip to the car to dump off the backpack and set off to stalk Stephanie Perkins wander around.

Hubs found a bench near the Pages/Penguin booth and he camped out while I started lurking around the YA area. I ran into Taherah and finally got to chat with her. Around 12pm, they put up the guy with signs indicating where the line up for Stephanie and Rachel would be.


I ended up being 5th in line {with Allison who was also after the tote bag} and I actually asked the girls in front of me if they were getting tote bags. They said no, so there was a really good chance of getting one. The line got long really fast and by 12:45, it was the length of the tent row and a bit beyond.

Stephanie and Rachel got to the booth before the signing started. They were chatting it up and there were some people standing off to the side of them. They looked a little fidgety and maybe I was a bit paranoid so I walked over to Stephanie and Rachel. Thankfully, I knew the media person, so she let me go up to them both.

I said hi to both ladies and then told Stephanie that I was a little over eager for the tote bag. When I handed her my print out thingy she laughed and said, ” You’re stacee with two e’s! I was saving a bag for you!” Turns out, she had brought the 10 that she said she would and then an 11th one to make sure I got one. *squeeeeee* I flailed a lot a bit, got a photo and then went back in line.

When I got up to Stephanie for the signing, she had the awesome pins sitting on the table. I said something about them and she said that she didn’t even get any herself when they made them for RT. And then she asked if I got any…when I said no, she handed them to me.

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Stephanie signed my books and the tote bag and then I flailed a bit more thanked her and ran to the next signing.

Hubs was holding a spot for me for the Mrs. Nelson’s tent with Lauren Miller, Amy Tintera and Emery Lord. When I got there, he was next in line and I was able to go right up to Lauren.

We hugged and chatted while she signed my arc. Lauren gave me swag and tattoos! She also had flyers for her launch party in Santa Monica. I told her I wouldn’t be able to make it because we had a wedding to attend.

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I stopped and said hi to Amy Tintera. She signed the giveaway arc of Rebel and then said it was good to see her. {I’m really trying to tone down my fangirling as it pertains to Amy because it is out of control.}

Next was Emery. There was a couple of people in front of us, so I prepared my books while waiting. We said hi and I saved my book for last. When she opened it to see the post it with my name on it, she said, “Are you Stacee?” I said that I was and then she came around the table to hug me.

She said she was so happy that life cooperated so I could show up. Then she signed my book {with one of the best inscriptions} and we took a photo before I thanked her for everything and left.

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We had a family birthday dinner to go to, so that was the last signing I had planned to go to. After having a small photo shoot on the grass with my tote bag, we left.

Festival of Books is always fun. Yes, it’s hectic. Yes, it’s crowded, but it’s a great way to spend the weekend.

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12 responses to “The time it was all about the tote bag

    • Stacee

      It was a lot of fun! Yes, Hubs will grumble incessantly about going and helping, but he always does.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  1. WHEEEEE! You got the tote AND the pins! (Normally I’d be super super jealous, but instead I’m only super jealous and only because it’s you!) I’m proud you got to fangirl appropriately and that all the authors love you as much as I do!

    Thanks for sharing all the fun things with us, KP!

    Prancy PA

    • Stacee

      Oh PA, it was extra awesome this year. I’m beyond happy that I was able to attend.

      Thank you for always being amazing.


  2. Glad you got everything you wanted, Stacee. I knew i wasn’t going to be in time for a tote bag but I wanted one. I love those buttons, too. Bookest is hectic and you gotta plan but it’s definitely a good time. Sad I only saw you for a second but I am sure we’ll run into each other again soon.

    • Stacee

      Hubs was irritated because during the car ride home, I kept asking him if he saw the tote bag. :D

      I do love bookfest. This was my third year and every year it seems to be better than the one before.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!! We’ll have to catch up soon!

  3. I absolutely loved your post!!! I was at bookfest too. But I was too nervous to talk to the authors, and they looked really busy with the long lines behind me. I really wish I had been better organized. This was my first time going. I sort of just discovered the Mystery Galaxy bookstore which is how I found out about bookfest. Is there some newsletter I should sign up for to find out about more book signings in the LA area. I actually live in Orange County. Are you going to WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend?

    • Stacee

      Mysterious Galaxy is one of the best bookstores out there, although, I might be biased. There isn’t a newsletter that I know of, I just check out the event lists at the various stores.

      I wasn’t at WonderCon, I wanted to be, but we didn’t get tickets.

      I hope you had fun at FoB!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Stacee

      I had a blast this year! Rachel and Amy are both amazing ladies, it’s always fun to see both of them.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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