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Well, it’s been almost a year since the last time I put one of these together.  I have watched a few things, but I’m either not watching as much as I did before or i’ve gotten really bad at keeping track… And there were a few things that I had screeners for, but didn’t post reviews due to the strike.

needless to say, I’ve been neglecting this feature and so here are a few of my highlights.

the menu — this one came highly recommended by a friend and I was not disappointed.  i loved the idea, the slow reveal, and the gorgeous set. (movie on hbo max)

last night on soho — i watched on the same night as the menu, as sort of an anya taylor-joy double feature.  i love edgar wright, so i was already in, but add in some matt smith and it’s basically a no-brainer.  this movie was creepy and heartbreaking, captivating and awesome. (movie on prime video)

don’t worry darling — another creepily fantastic story.  I’m a sucker for an unreliable narrator and Florence did this so well. I love how it all played out and can’t wait to watch it again. (movie on hbo max)

next in fashion — after devouring the first season, I watched the second season over a weekend. I love the creativity interspersed with the contestant’s story.  I will say that I missed the camaraderie of Alexa Chung and couldn’t quite get into Gigi Hadid as a host. Either way, I’ll forever watch anything Tan France is on… (seasons 1-2 on netflix)

the reluctant traveler — fun fact: i love a good travel show.  I was thrilled to see Eugene Levy was going on various trips, especially as he is a self-proclaimed homebody.  not only did this show have gorgeous spots, eugene is a delightful host and I’m excited to see that a new season is airing now. (season 1 on Apple TV+)

scream vi — i have loved this series since the beginning and I really enjoyed how the “new generation” picked up the storyline.  this installment had some great jump scares, even better kill scenes, and one death that was surprising. I’m not sure if I’ll continue with these now that Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega are no longer attached. (movie on Paramount+)

john wick 4 — i will forever watch these movies as long as Keanu Reeves is in them.  That’s it, that’s the review. (movie on prime video)

parks and rec — surprising no one, we’re late to the party on this series.  in our defense, we did try on three separate occasions to watch and couldn’t get through the first episode. thankfully we kept trying and once we got past the first season, we devoured it. now it’s become a staple watch when we don’t know what to watch. (seasons 1-7 on peacock)

based on a true story — as an avid true crime podcast listener, i was absolutely here for this one.  it was a bit campy (perhaps unintentionally?), a bit suspenseful, and a whole lot of fun. I can’t wait for the new season. (season 1 on peacock)

black mirror — did i wait forever to watch this one? yes. was i absolutely hooked after the first episode? also yes. This series reminded me of the twilight zone and I’ve rewatched a couple of the episodes that quickly became favorites. (seasons 1-6 on netflix)

good omens 2 — give me all of the michael sheen and david tennant scenes and while we’re at it, give me season 2 now now now. (seasons 1-2 on prime video)

fall of the house of usher — another scary spooky series by mike flanagan? count me in. I especially love Carla Gugino in this one and the past/present time jumps make the story unfold in the most deliciously slow way. (season 1 on netflix)

goosebumps — I read this series when i was younger and we watched the movies with Jack Black in them.  This was a lot creepier and I loved it so much.  I’m not sure if there’s going to be more, but if there is, I’m definitely in. (season 1 on disney+)

barbie — we wanted to see this one in the theatre, but never got around to it and so when it was streaming, we jumped on it right away.  I’m sure that by now, you’ve heard all about this movie, so i won’t say anything more besides the fact that I loved it. (movie on hbo max)

queer eye — going into this season knowing that it is Bobby’s last made it extra bittersweet, but as always, this show is a damn joy.  The feeling of family between the cast and participants is palpable and I’m hoping a new person won’t damage that. (seasons 1-8 on netflix)

have you seen any of these movies or shows? do you plan to? what have you been watching?

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