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When I got the invite to watch the screeners for Paper Girls, I instantly said yes.  I will admit to not knowing the series was based on a graphic novel series (although after looking it up, the cover and title font looked familiar) and eagerly devoured each episode.

Title: Paper Girls
Created for TV by: Stephany Folsom
Graphic Novel by: Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang
Episodes: 8 x 45 minute episodes
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Suspense
Platform: Amazon Prime
Release Date: July 29, 2022

Synopsis: Four young friends’ paper routes are disrupted on Hell Day 1988, when they unknowingly time travel to 2019. While searching for a way home, they clash with members of two time-jumping factions at war, and must come face-to-face with their adult selves and learn how to work together to save the world.

Cast: Camryn Jones, Riley Lai Nelet, Sofia Rosinsky, Fina Strazza, Adina Porter, Nate Corddry, Ali Wong, Sekai Abenì

Before we get to my top 5 reasons to watch, let’s check out the trailer.

Top 5 reasons to watch Paper Girls:

  • the cast — the girls are amazing and while the scenes of them alone are great, the dynamic of all four together really makes the show
  • The story — it unfolds so deliciously slow, but feels action packed
  • The opening — there’s a snippet before the title treatment that sometimes feels out of place, but makes sense as the episode goes on
  • The feels — there are several poignant conversations tucked in here and there and it’s a rollercoaster of emotion
  • The episode 5 conversation — I know this is weird, but there’s a scene with all four girls and it’s not one I’ve seen before and it’s hilarious and honest and just so good

“This is a psychotic break. The 12 year old version of yourself broke into your house with her punk friends.”

This show was a lot of fun and made me feel nostalgic, angry, maybe a bit confused at times, and had me rooting for these girls from the start.  I’m not sure how the ending differs from the book, but I know I’ll be jumping into the graphic novel series as well as waiting for a season 2 to be announced.

Huge thanks to Amazon Prime Video for the invite to watch. Paper Girls airs today so go forth and watch!

Have you read the Paper Girls graphic novel? Will you be watching the show?

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