The time it was about free mini churros

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I got the press release for the Amazon Prime Video Experience and was instantly intrigued. I responded with a time and was excited to see it was approved.

Wednesday afternoon had us checking in right around 2:15pm. We got our wristbands and bag of coins to keep before being told everything was free. Hello, mini churros and Carl’s Jr truck.  I was instantly obsessed with this gorgeous huge cube slash iridescent building that changed colors.

There was an installation for three shows: Carnival Row, The Boys, and The Expanse. We started with Carnival Row. They had a photo station with fairy wings and a section with various snacks.

The outbuildings were distressed and the entire set up for it was gorgeous. When entering the line, you picked “creature” or “human” and it decided how the police treated you while going through.

When going in, you had to show your card and get a hand stamp. The cop lined us up and talked about how “the creatures had to behave” or we would be tossed out.

We were led into a market area and I was basically ready to move in. The storefronts were deep colors and so detailed. There were two creatures walking around, selling their wares, and showing us their hooves.

As we walked around, one of the creatures told us we needed to pay attention to the door, that we would be let in secretly and not all at once. Michelle and I were next to the door and we were “snuck in” to a bar slash speakeasy looking place.

Another creature came over and asked our names. She shook our hands {and kissed the top of mine} before welcoming us in. From there, she walked to the stage to start singing and another creature came by and led us to a seating area. At that time, a different creature came to the stage and started doing a burlesque show.

While this was going on, there were other creatures walking around, whispering things in people’s ears, leading them around, and just adding to the atmosphere.

In the middle of the dancing, another creature came in and yelled that they needed to be hidden. The two cops flew into the room and started yelling. They had flashlights and were shining the light in everyone’s eyes. They eventually threw us out and we headed into the bright daylight.

From there, we headed to the installation for The Boys. We weren’t in line for too long before we were let in.

The exterior for that installation was also amazing. There was a full sized car through the window and graffiti everywhere.

We were told that this was going to help with a crime scene. There were two guys inside and they told us about what happened and how they were trying to figure things out.

They had the group of us looking for clues and moving around the area. We went through desk drawers, hunted for keys to open a safe, and destroyed tapes.  And they even had a guy who played at getting killed by one of the characters. With that, the demo was over.

As we walked out, we got fist bumps from the two guys and an awesome enamel pin.

We tried to go to The Expanse, but the line was already closed. We made the rounds of the area one more time before grabbing food {and more mini churros} and leaving.

Huge thanks to Amazon Prime Video for the invite. This press event was definitely one of the most imaginative I’ve seen and I can’t wait to watch the shows.

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6 responses to “The time it was about free mini churros

  1. I really want to check out the installations, especially Carnival Row. The line to get in on Thursday was crazy long. I’m hoping for better luck on Sunday. So exciting to see it’s beautiful and can’t wait for the show!

    • Stacee

      I hope you were able to see everything! I’m really excited to see the show as well!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Stacee

      The churros were so so so good. And I didn’t know about the shows until this event! I’m so eager to watch Carnival Row.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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