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So when I saw Ashley Poston was going to be at Mysterious Galaxy I think I screamed.  My love for Geekerella is overwhelming and I was insanely excited. We got to the store early, as usual and ran amok chatted with the awesome booksellers and bought some new pretties.

The store started to fill up pretty quickly and Ashley and Kiersten White came out right at 7pm.

Now, I’m going to be super honest here: this is not all of the event.  These two ladies were fun and spoke quickly, said “it’s fine, I’m fine” quite often, mentioned a lot of anime programs that I’m not familiar with, and went off on some tangents {including one part where Kiersten was talking about her new book, said the info couldn’t be posted anywhere and then paused and stared right at me.}

Also, I sort of stopped typing because my hands were cold and I kept adding the letter f to everything. So there’s that…

K: What about retellings appeals to you?

A: I am a fanfic author first and foremost. I love writing it. When I started writing my own things, I realized that I loved some tropes. I wanted to tell a story where 4 different character interacted with each other in a really awesome trope that I loved. And it’s been in the works for 6 years.

K: That’s dedication.

A: Thanks.

K: And what about writing in first person?

A: Contemporary is easier for me. Heart wasn’t going to be first person. D09 was renamed after every new draft. So you’re reading the 4th version of the 9th draft.

K: With multiple POV it’s hard to do first person.

A: I wanted to make each character different, so I have a special way to write each of them. Like D09 doesn’t use contractions.

K: I’ve written an entire trilogy without contractions. It’s hard.

A: But it gets your word count up.

K: What is the difference between fanfiction and a retelling?

A: To me, it depends on how…

K: Do you think that it’s that the source material isn’t active? Like I’m not going to write a Harry Potter fan fiction.

A: Rainbow Rowell did.

K: it’s true.

A: I don’t think there’s a right answer to this. Fanfiction is purposefully about Supernatural or Anastasia. And a retelling is about your own characters. Fanfic is a great character study. I think it’s sad that it’s looked down on so much.

K: You’ve done two different genres. What’s next?

A: My 2020 book is basically a Uprooted-esque space fantasy.

K: I love that YA readers are open to genre. I would like to make a request. I would like you to do a retelling about Robin Hood, but keep them foxes.

K: What is your biggest storytelling inspiration?

A: My love for Yu-Gi-Oh! led me to some of my favorite fanfic authors. I had one author who I really loved and she wrote a real book and I never found out what it was. {Ashley then named a few books, but I didn’t get any of them}

K: You’re working on your first sequel. How’s this going?

A: I didn’t realize. It is the worst kind of things because you have to adhere to your own rules. It’s been really weird. It’s been terrible, but I get to kill more people.

K: Wait until your book 3. I overthrew an empire in this book, how do you think I topped it in book 3? I’m kidding. It’s so happy. Radu gets a puppy and Lada…I can’t even come up with something happy that Lada can do.

Current obsessions:

TV: Riverdale

Music: {I have no idea what Ashley said. I typed Mariana Trench, but I just googled that and it has something to do with the ocean?}

Book: The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

Movie: I haven’t seen it yet, but I know I’ll love it: Love, Simon

Food: Cupcakes

Storytelling trope you will always love: hate to love

Write for any world: JKR. I want to write a queer Hufflepuff book.

Annnnnnd this is where my notes stop.  I know there was more to it, so I’m sorry for not catching all of it.

When I got to Ashley and thanked her for coming and gave my standard greeting to Kiersten which is “I have nothing for you.”  This prompted our regular back and forth about how I don’t buy her books because I’m a jerk {which is absolutely a joke, I already have everything and have bought multiples in the past.}

As Ashley was signing my book, I pretty much word vomited all over her about how much I loved Geekerella and she said there was going to be some news announced soon.  One piece is the paperback release and there being exclusive content in it and the other piece would be shared when she could.

These two ladies were a lot of fun together and as always, I recommend seeing them in person if you have the chance.

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6 responses to “The time it was fine

  1. That sounds like such a fun event! I’m impressed with how much of the conversation you were able to transcribe. I have never tried to do that but it sounds difficult! It was fun to read though. I’d love to meet both of these authors, especially Kiersten White!

    • Stacee

      It’s gotten a lot easier, the more I do it. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I’m on my phone as much as I am, so my typing is excellent. :D

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Tanya

    It seems like it was a super fun event! I really wanted to attend, mainly because Ashley likes anime, but I’m saving money :c
    Thanks for the recap :)

  3. Eee, loved this recap :D I’m so thrilled you had an amazing time Stacee. <3 I adore both these authors :D I haven't read Geekerella, ack, but I loved Heart of Iron :D So glad you adore the book, though. I'm curious about it :) And oh, loved the awesome questions and such :D Thank you for sharing lovely. <3

    Carina Olsen recently posted: Review: The Lies They Tell by Gillian French
    • Stacee

      Geekerella is such an amazing story. I think I loved it so much because I was part of fandom for a while and it was a great love story to fandom.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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