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I love love loved The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore and when I saw that she had a new book coming out, I knew I would be reading it without knowing what it was about.  After I devoured it and squeezed it, I asked Anna-Marie if she would have time to do an interview.  Even though she’s in the middle revisions, she so amazingly said yes!

Before we get to her interview, let’s check out the book.

11Title: When the Moon Was Ours
Anna-Marie McLemore
Release Date:
October 4, 2016
Thomas Dunne Books

When the Moon Was Ours follows two characters through a story that has multicultural elements and magical realism, but also has central LGBT themes—a transgender boy, the best friend he’s falling in love with, and both of them deciding how they want to define themselves.

To everyone who knows them, best friends Miel and Sam are as strange as they are inseparable. Roses grow out of Miel’s wrist, and rumors say that she spilled out of a water tower when she was five. Sam is known for the moons he paints and hangs in the trees, and for how little anyone knows about his life before he and his mother moved to town.

But as odd as everyone considers Miel and Sam, even they stay away from the Bonner girls, four beautiful sisters rumored to be witches. Now they want the roses that grow from Miel’s skin, convinced that their scent can make anyone fall in love. And they’re willing to use every secret Miel has fought to protect to make sure she gives them up.

Sounds good, right?


1. Please give the elevator pitch for When the Moon Was Ours. 

A boy who paints the moon and a girl who grows roses from her wrist find themselves up against a family of sisters rumored to be witches.

2. Where did the idea come from? 

The heart of this book is the friendship between Sam and Miel. That drove so much of the story.

3. Why do you love Miel and Sam and why should we root for them?

They both hold onto their family, whether biological or chosen, and their heritage. Even as they figure out their places in the world, they know who and what they love.

4. Without spoilers what was your favorite scene to write?

The story of how Sam and Miel meet. I loved writing how a moment in a town’s history becomes part of its folklore.

5. Were there any scenes that had to cut that you wish could have stayed?

Thankfully, no. Each time I took out a scene that didn’t belong, the story worked a little better.

Speed [ish] round:

1. You get the call/email/letter that says you’re being published for the first time. Describe the next 5 minutes. 

Touch up my lipstick and catch the next bus downtown because I wanna tell the Transboy this in person!

2. What three things would you take to a desert island?

Oh I’m so phoning a camping expert friend to help me with this one…

3. You can only read one book for the rest of your life. What is it?

The Little Prince or a giant book of fairy tales

4. What book character would you want to date and who would you want to be your BFF?

Date: Emerson Birch from Saundra Mitchell’s The Springsweet.

BFF: Cate from Jessica Spotswood’s The Cahill Witch Chronicles.

5. What is the one thing about publishing you wish someone would have told you?

That every author feels a little stupid when they go through copy edits. I learned there are mistakes I’ve been making with language for years! Thankfully my copy editors have been very patient.

6. You wake up and discover you are Bella in Twilight. You know how it plays out. What do you do differently? {Huge thanks to Bookish Broads for letting me use this question!}

Well, if I’m queer like I am in real life, I should probably come out to Edward. It’ll be really awkward at first but then we’ll have a good laugh about it.


6434877Anna-Marie McLemore was born in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, raised in the same town as the world’s largest wisteria vine, and taught by her family to hear la llorona in the Santa Ana winds. Her debut novel THE WEIGHT OF FEATHERS was a Junior Library Guild Selection, a YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults book, and a finalist for the William C. Morris Debut Award. Her second novel, WHEN THE MOON WAS OURS, will be released on October 4, 2016, and WILD BEAUTY is forthcoming in 2017.


Huge thanks to Anna-Marie for taking the time.  Make sure you’re checking out her website, following her on Twitter, liking her Facebook page, and adding all of her books to your Goodreads TBR shelf.

When the Moon Was Ours releases today! Get it at Indiebound | Barnes & Noble | Amazon | TBD

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  1. Everybody whose reviews I trust likes this book, I guess I’ll HAVE to read it then ;D
    Awesome interview !! The giant book of fairy tales idea is great!

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