The time there was a costume contest

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When I saw that Gena Showalter was going to be coming to San Diego, it was a sure thing. And as soon as I saw that Amy Lukavics was going to be with her, I was so so so excited because Daughters Unto Devils was amazing.

Keiko and I got to Mysterious Galaxy stupid early, so we just settled into our squishy chairs and chatted.


I also found the Twitter poll option and asked a very important question. I went into the back room and got some new pretties. I stood behind the podium and pretended I was moderating to get ready for next week.

Amy and Gena got to the story early and while we waited for the official introduction, they looked for candy.


Gena started to introduce herself and Rob came over and said they were going to wait a bit longer because there were still people on their way.  When it was a few minutes after 7pm, the ladies were officially introduced.  Gena asked the audience if we just wanted to start with the Q&A.  Rob asked if they were going to read anything and both of them said “NO.” And then Gena said, “But excellent question.”


What were your favorite parts to write?

G: I loved the beginning. It showed the devestated state that Frosty is in and I love to torture my characters. But I also loved the ending because he has a better happily ever after than what he was headed towards in the beginning.

A: I can’t tell anyone my favorite part because it would be a spoiler, but I will say it involves ants.

When is your favorite time to write?

A: For this book, I started writing at night at the kitchen table with all of the lights out, by candlelight with the Alien soundtrack playing.  Then the cat would jump on the table and I would have a heart attack, so I figured that was good.

G: I like to write in my office, in the morning. I write until I’ve hit my word count. I can write anywhere and with anyone. I will tune anyone out.

Is Mad Zombie Party the absolute last?

G: I never say never because I would love to tell Kat’s story. I would love to tell the kid’s story, but for right now I’m working on a new series. It’s called EVERLIFE and I’ve never been so excited for a series.


Does Amy have another book?

A: I am currently editing my book out next year. It’s call The Women in the Walls and it takes place in modern time. {She gave the synopsis about this, but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be out in the universe yet.  Just know that it sounds amaaaaaazing.}

Are any of your characters based on real people?

G: Little bits and pieces show up. Maybe little pieces of me as well. But no one character represents one person.

A: I named characters after people I know.

G: I wrote Last Kiss Goodnight and I named all of the characters as my friend’s pets. By the end of the chapter, all of the animals were shot. I gave it to my {agent, editor, friend? I didn’t catch it} and her dog, Zoe, was in it.  Don’t worry, I’m an animal lover.  I foster dogs.  I have 9 at home right now.

I loved Alien Huntress, will there be more?

G: Thank you. I will be writing more. I just signed on to do Dallas’s story.


What three characters that aren’t yours would you want to invite to a tea party?

G: Leither from Kresley Cole’s books.  He would be my date.

A: Harry Potter. Carrie White from Carrie.

G: This is hard. I’ve been so immersed in my own world, I haven’t read anything else.

A: Amazing Amy from Gone Girl. I would love to see how she interacted with Carrie.

What is your favorite YA?

A: In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters. The Virgin Suicides.

G: Sarah J Maas, The House of Night books, Sweet Evil series by Wendy Higgins.  Katie McGarry’s books.

Book boyfriends?

G: I have many. All of Kresley Cole’s heroes.

A: Harry Potter. I know I had an answer to this.

G: I like alphas, but only in books.

A: I really like Peeta. I wasn’t really worried about it during the book because I thought Katniss had enough going on with her story that it wasn’t important.


How did you do your research for this book?

G: I make everything up. I make up towns and languages so I don’t have to research.

A: I reread Little House. I even read about a woman who decided to go to all of the places in the books. She churned her own butter.

What genres would you like to try?

A: I would love to do fantasy or thriller. And horror mixed with everything. Historical is really fun. I would like to do a Salem witch trials book. I could do a dark contemporary. I probably wouldn’t be good at romance.

G: Romance is what I write. I will always go back to it. The only thing I haven’t done is inspirational.

What book covers you love?

A: Six of Crows. The Diviners

G: Sarah’s covers.

A: Shutter by Courtney Alameda.


Is there a book you read as children that put you in this direction?

A: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. It’s middle grade, but it’s not sugar coated. The illustrations were gorgeous and terrifying. Of course Stephen King. At first I was too young to read them, but I would find scary parts to read. My favorite horror book is Pet Semetary

G: I was held back in third grade because I struggled to read. My mom took me to the library and read the back of books until I found one I loved. And it was Sweet Valley High. I just couldn’t get enough of Jessica and Elizabeth, so I kept reading and my comprehension got better and better.

Do you watch tv?

A: Yes. everything from The Kardashians to True Detective.

Can you talk about what’s coming out?

A: The Women in the Walls. There may be short stories or novella, but that’s not for sure yet.

G: March will be First Life. The Darkest Torment. I’ll also have another contemporary out.


Where do you get your inspiration?

A: I get it from living in an observing manner. Everything you read and watch. Anything that inspires you, it’s good to ask why it did. You can get so many ideas from running circles in your head.

G: Many ways like from dreams. The White Rabbit Chronicles were from a piece of scripture. Or things people have said to me. From there it’s just playing connect the dots.

Have you seen any movies lately?

A: The Bobadook {I have no idea what this is or if I even got the title right.}

G: I have not. I have been working so much that it’s a treat to watch a tv show once in a while. Wait, I did. I watched Trainwreck while we were on tour.

A: Did you like it?

G: I think so. I was sleeping and working at the same time.

A: Recently we’ve been catching up with tv shows. Agents of Shield and Agent Carter.

Are you pantsers or plotters?

G: I have been both, but recently a pantser

A: I’m both. My outline is like a bulleted list of things that need to happen. It drives my editor and agent crazy because they want more information, but I figure that out while I’m working.

G: Right. I’ll tell you when I know.

A: I just tell them something and know that it’s going to change.


Weirdest fan story?

G: I was once approached online and he was Satan’s Vampire Son and he wanted me to download software so we could really chat.

A: I’m so new I really haven’t had anything. They’ve been so lovely.

G: Fingers crossed that Satan’s Vampire Son is still out there. But really, fan encounters are so amazing. It’s always readers who are so supportive.

How has this tour been?

A: I was scared because I was the debut author going out with these seasoned authors.

G: You mean old hags. Just call it like you see it.

A: Right. As I’m sitting next to a woman who looks younger than I am. I’ve been so energized and I’ve learned so much.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

G: I’m a homebody. I’m happiest when I’m at home with my husband.

A: Ireland or Italy or Transylvania .

G: I would love to go from my couch

A: I’ll take a go pro.


There were one or two more questions, but I was taking photos.  Then Rob announced that they were going to vote for the costume contest. {There were three women dressed up and they all had playing cards sticking out of their heads. I wish I would have gotten a photo.} There were 3 prizes and 4 people dressed up, so he went to see about another prize.  While we were waiting, Gena suggested that they would start signing.

We got in line and when I got to Amy, she said my tattoos were beautiful, so we chatted about that for a second.  And by chatted, I mean that I word vomited all about my new artist.

al1 al2

When I got to Gena, I told her that I read the ending first, but that I was really excited to read the new book.  She laughed and asked if I needed to see how many other characters she killed.

gw1 gw2

We thanked them for coming and then went to say goodbye to Rob.  He was waiting to do the costume contest, but I got him to show me the prizes.  They were pretty good…

As always, Gena is lovely and Amy was so much fun. Together they were charming and charismatic.  If you haven’t picked up either of their books, I highly recommend them.

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  1. ACK! I’m so jealous! I’ve wanted to meet Gena for so long, but she hasn’t stopped in Missouri anytime lately. *sigh* I also love how Gena called herself an old hag. Haha.

    Thanks for sharing!

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