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I’ve been a fan of Batman the Animated Series since forever. I have a Poison Ivy tattoo and back when there were WB stores, I had an in with the art guy who did purchasing. He used to call me when he would get Poison Ivy pieces and I would get first chance to buy before it went on the floor.

Needless to say, when I saw that Paul Dini was going to be signing at Vroman’s for Batman Day, we were going to be there.

We got to the store before 10am. There were a few guys who were wandering around looking for things by Paul. Hubs ended up asking someone and we were directed upstairs. I was able to get one of the 10 copies of Mad Love and we just settled in to wait.


Within in the hour, the event area was over full. They gave out Batman and Harley masks as well as posters, tattoos, and raffle tickets. And we were told there would be special Batman Day comics that would handed out while we were in the signing line.

Paul’s wife, Misty, got to the event space a few minutes before 12 and gave a brief preview of some of the prizes they were giving out for trivia.  She also told everyone to brush up on our knowledge of the Adam West series because that would be what some of the questions would be based on. Paul got there right at 12 and just jumped right into a Q&A.


What villain would you most like to see in a movie and played by who?

The Ventriloquist played by Woody Harrelson.

Did you have a trilogy end for the video game?

I didn’t have a lot in place. I did have a few ideas, but hadn’t discussed much of anything. I haven’t played the game the whole way through. I probably wouldn’t have gone back go to the comic books. I would have liked to stay in the Arkham-verse. You have to know about the comics to know what was going on.

How happy are you about Harley in the new movie?

I’m thrilled. Bruce and I are so excited. Is she our Harley? No, but still. I’m so delighted to see her. That scene in the trailer of her and the Joker speeding down the street in a purple car and they’re laughing…we’ve done that scene so many times.


What gave you the idea for Harley?

I needed a hench team for the Joker. The team is always a bunch of guys. Then I was thinking about having a hunch woman, like in old shows from the 60’s. Someone with a sense of humor. Before I knew it, she was a one shot character. But then people started asking for more episodes with her.

Ever have an episode idea that you wish could have been?

Yes. I can’t say anything, but you may be able to read it in a year.

How did you get so many boys to like Batman?

So many people gravitate towards the idea that you can be a different person at night. Boys like the idea of fighting and climbing up walls.

With movies, comics, and video games, which is your favorite to work on?

Whatever I’m working on at the moment.

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Favorite superhero?

Batman.  Always Batman.

What do you think of the Joker and Harley casting?

I think they did pretty well. I think if you’re going to put them in a realistic world, I’ve always thought they were sort of down and out rockers. Like Sid and Nancy.  If it were in the Tim Burton-verse I would maybe make difference choices.

Do you think Harley would work in the Nolan world?


One thing you’re really proud of that you wish was better?

I’m pretty happy with everything.


Any suggestions about how you started writing?

The best advice I can give is to finish what you’re writing. Even if it’s something you’ve had in the back of your head. As far as comics, the best answer is to do comics. If you don’t draw, work with a friend who does. There’s a lot of online comics and then you can get people to read it and show someone as a sample.

What do you look back at to inspire you?

Whatever it was as a kid. Whatever made you laugh or cry. Whether it’s a movie or a book. People ask about the Joker. He is every school bully I’ve met.  He is also inspired by a character named The Misfit {I didn’t catch what book it was from} and the Zodiac killer was running around San Francisco at the time.

What reoccurring themes are in the Batman/Joker relationship?

If you ask the Joker, he would say that Batman is a fraud. He wears a mask and the Joker is out there showing his face.


From there, the trivia started. Paul asked everyone to put their hands up to show that no one was googling the answer. Trivia went by fast and I won a pair of Harley socks. After trivia was over, they had us line up row by row. Misty was really cool and she took photos for people with their phones.

We got up to Paul and I asked if he would sign a specific page in Mad Love. After he signed, Misty took photos of the three of us.

pd1 pd2

And after that, we quickly left. There was a ton of people and no one was leaving after they had their items signed. Paul was awesome and so so so personable. I didn’t even remotely get all of the questions or answers down, but I tried. If you get a chance to see him and you’re a fan of Batman, do it.

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