The time we were invited

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We met Danny Marks when he was touring for Velveteen. We ended up hanging out with him in the back room of MGRB before the signing and just cracking up at all of the stories he told beforehand.

Fast forward a few months. I happened to see Danny’s tweet about coming to San Diego and I immediately asked the when’s and where’s about his trip. We made tentative plans to meet up while he was in town. Fast forward a couple of days ago. I got a tweet from Danny telling me that he was going to be at Mysterious Galaxy. I happened to see the event just a few minutes before he told me about it [the use of his real name, Mark Henry, threw me off] and instantly started rearranging things at work to go.

Finally, the day of the event came. I ended up meeting Hubs there. We ran over to Starbucks and ended up running into Mark there. We chatted for a few minutes and cackled [maybe that was just me] over the stories he once again shared with us.

Mark started talking just after 6pm. He admitted that he wasn’t really expecting to read anything [it wasn’t a , so he opened it up by saying that he would read anything or answer any questions. Emphasis on the any.

He started with reading Bait. Because with sharks and heroin, what else do you need?

After reading not even a paragraph of Bait, he decided to talk about returning back to writing adult novels.

The first thing his publisher told him that he had to change his name to write YA because all publishers can track your sales by your name. He is still working on a second YA book because he had a 2 book deal.

He’s currently writing a paranormal romance series. Demonic possessions occurring a lot and the church isn’t able to keep up on it. The demons use the body to death and then possess the organs. The characters in the book have to track the possessed organs and take them back, which leads to people waking up in motel bathtubs without kidneys.

Annnnnnnnnd, that’s all I have for notes.  I’m not even sure that’s correct information about his book. I was laughing so hard and trying to focus on taking notes, but I just. Couldn’t. Stop. Laughing. Not even to take pictures, hence the ONE PHOTO.


There weren’t any questions, so Mark just started signing books.  There were three other people and they had traveled from Norco [which is about 90 minutes north].  They chatted with Mark while having their books signed and took photos.

When it was our turn, I was going to take a photo of Mark signing and actually said, “Don’t look at me, just keep signing”.  And then this happened…


We ended up heading over to a sports bar in the same parking lot as MG for happy hour.  We drank and laughed and ate and laughed and heard a lot of things about a lot of Mark’s books and laughed even more.  I can’t say enough awesome things about him.

Read his books.  And if you get a chance, go see him at an event.  You will be entertained, I promise.

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