The time I didn’t identify myself

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As soon as I read Shatter Me, I knew I wanted to meet Tahereh Mafi.  Maybe even before that.  There was a lot of talk on the internet from the people who had ARC’s [Swoontini ladies, I’m looking right at you] and I was already sold on the synopsis of the book.  On Twitter, Tahereh is super fun.  She’s always posting pictures or being a tease when talking about book 2 or 3…  I sort of started stalking her and she never complained. Or maybe she did, she just never complained to me.  :D

When I saw that she was going to be on the Dark Days tour, I was thrilled.  Even more that she was coming to San Diego instead of LA.

Enter Veronica Rossi.  Another author who was going to be touring with Tahereh.  I found her book Under the Never Sky and was immediately intrigued.  On the day that her book was released, I had to hunt it down.  It took me 5 bookstores before I actually did get my grubby little hands on it.  I read it that night, in one sitting.  And after I was finished, I was thrilled she was going to be there.

Ellen Schreiber was someone who I had heard of and I had her book, Vampire Kisses in my TBR stack, but it had been there for a while.  I don’t seem to read to many books that are in my TBR stack, I think there’s over 100 books piled up.

On the night of the event, we got there early.  I wasn’t sure how many people were going to show up and I wanted to make sure that we got seats.  They had the bookstore all decorated.

And the podium/table thingy had all sorts of decorations…

Once the 3 ladies got to the bookstore, they did a short interview for a blog and then we all just sort of hung out until 7pm came around.

Each author did a short introduction and talk about their book before the Q&A started.  I was the first person to ask something… My question was for each of the authors and I asked of their own characters, who is their favorite to write.

Ellen said that her favorites to write was Raven because she doesn’t care what people think.  Celeste is fun because she is a popular and it allows Ellen to explore something that she didn’t experience in her own high school experience.

Veronica said that my question was similar to asking her which of her kids was the favorite.  However, she did answer that Roar was fun because he’s a fun character.  Her other favorite is Marron.

Tahereh said that her favorites to write are Warren and Kenji.  [How is it that the one author I was dying to meet is the one whose complete answer I can’t remember?] I really need to take notes or something….

Anyhoo, the after the Q&A [which lasted for almost an hour], books were to be signed.  There didn’t seem to be any serious order. One girl walked right up to Ellen and another walked to Tahereh instead of one total line.  So, I walked up to Veronica and started talking to her.

I told her that I loved the book and my little story about how I had to hunt down Under the Never Sky on the day that it came out.  She thanked me a bunch of times, I also thanked her for taking the time to come out.

Next was Ellen.  I gave her my book and also thanked her for taking the time.

While I was in line for Tahereh, I spotted Kiersten White.  I knew that she was going to be there and I spent the evening looking around for her.  I had brought my copies of Paranormalcy and Dear Bully to have signed.

I got up to Tahereh and spelled out my name…

And immediately was launched into a conversation about my chest tattoo.  Which we have established is amazing.  All three ladies commented on it and I was compelled to show off my shoulders.  [I’m so modest].  One of the ladies [I think it was Veronica, but I’m not sure] asked if I had a lot of tattoos, I said yes and continued to list of where they were at.

Did I mention the fuckawesome bookmarks? Oh. Earlier in the week, Tahereh was a dirty tease, posting pictures of the rad swag she had.  And as much as I loved the magnets, I LOVED the bookmark.

Before I walked away from Tahereh, I mentioned how much I loved her Kate Spade purse.  I have 4 Kate Spade purses and I’m always on the look out for another one.  I just might see that one in my future…

Sidenote: As I’m typing this up, Tahereh sent me this on Twitter:

*giggles* This could be my favorite tweet ever.  EVER.

Back to Kiersten.  She was standing in a circle of women and I didn’t want to interrupt.  My husband kept telling me to go up there and he was giving me all sorts of “interesting” things to say to break into the group.  I gave myself 5 mintues, if there wasn’t an opening, we would have left.

The women broke up and I snuck up to Kiersten and asked if she would sign for me.  I had a Sharpee in my hand, but [and this could be my favorite part] she carries markers in her purse because she likes to color coordinate.  When I told her that I didn’t want to interrupt, she assured me that I should have.

All in all, Dark Days was phenominal.  Ellen, Veronica and Tahereh are all super charming.  And Kiersten is as sweet as they come.

I can’t wait to meet stalk them all again.

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