The time it was a mutiny {24}

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Hi guys! Welcome to another edition of the mutiny.

What’s the mutiny you ask? Well, I have always said that I wasn’t going to become a review blog and yet, I’ve had this itch in the back of my head… so here we are. I’m waging a mutiny against myself and I’m going to do some mini reviews + feature upcoming reads I’m excited about.

For this specific edition, I’m going to share some of my favorite reads from January, so settle in!

Pride by Ibi Zoboi — 5★ –I’m a sucker for a good P+P retelling and I couldn’t wait to get my greedy eyeballs all over this one. I loved Zuri and Darius. She’s headstrong and he’s stoic and they were lovely compliments to Lizzy and Darcy. I loved Zuri’s sisters and how spirited they were. The family dynamic on the Darcy side was a bit lacking, but it made sense to me. There are several little nods to the original, while making the story unique and its own. The relationship between Zuri and Darius moved slowly and I was here for all of the slow burn. I especially loved the modern twist on Warren (aka Wickham). I know I’ll be reading this one again.

A Vow So Bold and Deadly by Brigid Kemmerer — 5★ — Well, this has been everything. I’ve loved these characters from the first page. As I saw in another review, book 1 was about Harper, book 2 was about Lia Mara, and this one was Rhen and Grey and that is so very accurate. I truly enjoyed getting to be in everyone’s head as this story progressed. This book still a bit of a slow burn, but mostly because there are a lot of moving pieces and it takes time to get everything into place. I was never bored, always captivated, sometimes surprised. Yes, I’m being vague because I don’t want to spoil anything.

10 Truths and a Dare by Ashley Elston — 5★ — This was a beta read because Ashley spoils me and I love love loved this story. I’m not going to go into details, but this story is filled with a loving family, fantastic friends, and a delightful plot line.  If you enjoyed the shenanigans from 10 Blind Dates, you’ll love this one. (Releases 5/4/21)

The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe — 5★ — I will absolutely read anything Tess Sharpe puts her name on. I love love loved Nora. She’s smart and resourceful and strong af. It was easy to root for her from page one and heartbreaking to read some of what she’d gone through. I loved Wes and Iris and the found family aspect of this story. I loved the past and present time flip way that the story unfolded and couldn’t get enough of whichever section I was in. There were a few things that surprised me, things that had me cringing, and things that had me cheering. Overall, this story was unique and captivating and officially one of my top 10 of the year.

Ayesha At Last by Uzma Jalaluddin — 5★ — I will read any P+P retelling, but I instantly fell in love with that cover and the synopsis had me really excited.  I loved Ayesha. She’s loyal and loving and outspoken. Khalid is stoic and righteous. Together, they’re both good people who want to do right by their family and beliefs. This was a bit slow and I was here for it. I reveled in all of the irritation and button pushing turning to longing and love. It took a story that I am familiar with and kept it original and fresh and unique. Of course, just like the original, I could have done with an epilogue or future take, but that’s me being greedy. This is hands down one of the best P+P retellings I’ve read.

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon — 4★ — I am a sucker for a good idiots to lovers story and I love that cover, so there was no way I was going to miss this story. I loved Shay and Dominic. She’s steadfast and knowledgeable and passionate about radio. Dominic is a shy marshmallow wrapped up in a little bit of swagger. Together they have instant irritation. There’s a good amount of push and pull and a lot of the conflict could have been solved with a conversation instead of each assuming what the other wanted or meant. I did enjoy the organic way the relationship progressed and would have loved for even a hint of Dominic POV. Oh, and the epilogue was so satisfying.

Hopeless Romantic by Marina Adair  — 4★ — I’ve enjoyed all of Marina’s books that I’ve read and I was eager to get my greedy eyes on this one. I loved Beckett and Levi. They’re both loyal and loving and crazy busy with their responsibilities. I enjoyed getting both of their POVs while they bantered and flirted and reveled in the chemistry they have. This was nearly all fluff. I expected a lot of angst and spent a good portion of the read expecting the other shoe to drop. There is a bit of conflict, but it’s at the end and resolved quickly. The autism rep was provided a layer I wasn’t expecting and while I wanted a lot more from the ending, it was satisfying.

The Heiress Gets a Duke by Harper St. George — 4★ — Between that cover and the synopsis, there was no way I was going to skip this book and thankfully, it delivered. I loved August and Evan. She’s independent and stubborn. He’s charming and honorable. Together they have instant banter and chemistry. I loved reading their exchanges and could have done with a million more scenes. I especially enjoyed Violet and the set up for the next book. There was honest conversation and loads of kissing and a set of dismissive parents I would like to shake. I wish there had been an epilogue or more at the end because while the conflict was slight and resolved quickly, I wanted a lot more from their HEA.

Waiting for a Scot Like You by Eva Leigh — the last book of the series with a grumpy hero and sunshine widow? I’ve been waiting for these two to get their story.

First Comes Like by Alisha Rai — an online romance that turns into fake dating? I’m absolutely here for it.

The Initial Insult by Mindy McGinnis — a Poe inspired story told by Mindy McGinnis? I don’t even need more.

The Duke Heist by Erica Ridley — a heist family with a MC who steals a duke too? Sign. Me. Up.

What about you? Have you read any of these books or do you want to?

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