The time it was about Reading Rewind {7}

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Hi guys!  Welcome to another month of Reading Rewind.


This month I decided to stay with the angel theme from last month and read Fallen by Lauren Kate.  I’m guessing the Twitter poll will go back in effect for August’s book because it’s just so much easier to have you guys decide what I’m going to read.


1. When did you originally read the book and what did you rate it?

I first read Fallen in May of 2012 and gave it 4 stars.  At that time, my Goodreads usage was just to keep track of what I was reading, so there isn’t any sort of review.  Just a rating. 

2. Why did you love it?

Well, without a review, I just have a vague memory of loving the star-crossed lovers and past lives thing.  And I looooooooved Daniel.  Obvs.  I totally remember devouring the first 3 books and longing for the last one to see how it all ended.  I assumed that I would love it just as much as I did the first time around.

3. After the re-read did your rating/feelings about it change? Why or why not?

This time around I gave it 2 stars.  It took me forever to read it and I wanted to DNF. So. Hard.  Luce was lame and Daniel was indifferent and I was annoyed.

I struggled with the first two-thirds half of the book.  I didn’t care for the push and pull.  I didn’t see the chemistry between Luce and Daniel and I hated all of the half truths and psuedo-mystery.  But…then we get the kissing the confrontation of sorts and some answers to what is going on.  The pace really picked up and I was able to stay interested in what was happening.  It was enough to keep me reading.

This is definitely a series that I won’t be revisiting.  I think there was even another book added…something like a companion novel.  I am still intrigued about that, but I’m not in a rush to get to it.


Have you read Fallen? What did you think about it? 

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16 responses to “The time it was about Reading Rewind {7}

  1. Uuugh :( I’m so sorry you were disappointed with this one when you re-read it Stacee. But also sort of happy, haha :D Because I just sold my copies of these books a while back. I regret buying them :p Never reading, lol. But aw. I am sad that they were bad for you this time. Oh, well. Thank you for sharing sweet girl. <3 Hugs :)

    Carina Olsen recently posted: Book Collection #20
    • Stacee

      I really loved them when I read them the first time. And I love the covers so much. It’s okay, this is half of the fun of this feature.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  2. Jennifer Santucci

    As mentioned in IG, this book didn’t work out for me. At the time I read it, my cousin’s partner gave me a copy to read and get my opinion to option for a movie. I told her it wasn’t very good. It was during the Twilight rage.

    • Stacee

      They made a movie out of it! I’m definitely intrigued and I’ll probably see it just out of curiosity.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  3. Denita

    I read the entire series and didn’t really care for them at all. I have no problem rereading the same troupe as long as it’s interesting but it was something about this story that made me feel…. blah.

    • Stacee

      I can definitely appreciate that a lot of people love them, but this time around it just didn’t work for me. There are so many other YA series that are out there that have the same trope that I enjoyed more.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I actually wanted to read this book when it first came out in my country, because it was very popular here. I can’t tell you why I didn’t, I didn’t have my own copy and it was always borrowed from the library, but so many people had their own copy, but I can’t tell you why I never borrowed from anyone else.
    Once I discovered GR and booktube, I saw many people complaining that it is not so good and that if you didn’t like Twilight this isn’t for you (and I DNF Twiligh but I LOVE the movies), so I just never picked up Fallen.
    Now, I lost my interest complitely.

    I’m so sorry you didn’t like it this time around. I can imagine it is a shame when a book you love turns out to not be as good as you remember it was.

    irena_bookdustmagic recently posted: Book Review: The Paris Secret by Karen Swan
    • Stacee

      The reviews for this series are pretty love/hate. I think I loved it when I first read it because I was so new to reading YA. This feature has been fun so far, I’ve really liked revisiting some of these books.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Stacee

      This was the first book I was actually hesitant to reread because I didn’t want to ruin it, but it’s okay.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  5. What an interesting type of review! I love it. I remember reading Fallen and thinking it was okay, but then I read the next book in the series and I gave up. Anyway, isn’t it interesting to see how sometimes our opinions of a book changes over time because we change, or just because?

    Kay @ It's a Book Life recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday #18
    • Stacee

      For me, I think a lot of it is that I’ve gotten much more selective about the YA I’m reading. I’m definitely having fun revisiting some of my early reads to see how they hold up.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  6. Its interesting to see how you’ve become more selective about the books you read – that you once loved it but now its just okay. I did a recent purge of my bookshelves and put my copy of this in a pile to go to my classroom, since its been sitting on my shelves unread for upwards of 3 years. Hopefully it’ll get some love there!

    • Stacee

      Yes! When I first started reading YA, I loved everything. I requested everything and I read everything. Now I’m much more selective. There are a lot of people who love this book, so hopefully it will find some love in your class.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Ah this series…..I think that was during the time of “omg all the books, everything is grand.” Way before I ever really begun to appreciate the value of writing good characters and an excellent plot. I’m afraid to reread some of my old books for this reason. I really love your rewind idea. It has me so curious now.

    • Stacee

      YES! That is exactly why I’m rereading some of them. I can still appreciate loving them in the past.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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