The time I fixed the markers

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Hubs and I have always been big Blink-182 fans. We went to one of their concerts on our first date and with Mark and Tom being from San Diego, we couldn’t help but love them. We’ve met Travis a few times at a music convention, but once I found out that he was going to be signing his new book at The Grove, we planned to go.

We got up to the store, got our book, wristbands, and after a Starbucks run, settled into wait.

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The line officially started at 6pm and we were first. One of the BN employees came around and told everyone to flap to the title page, but then came back and said that it was a different page. She also said that there wouldn’t be photos with him or personalization.

The media people showed up around 6:30 and Hubs helped them test by standing at the table. Travis came out just after 7pm and did some promo photos.


As the photographers were prompting him with where to look, one of them said, “How about a smile?” Travis answered, “How about no.” After standing in front of the table, they asked him to sit down and pose as if he was signing.


There was a little kid that had the best hat ever and he jumped up on the stage to take a photo before the signing started. {In case you can’t see it, the hat says “Famous as Fuck”}


One of the BN employees came over to lead us up to the table and when she saw that I had the book flapped to a different page, I asked if it was possible to have it signed instead of the blank front page. She said it shouldn’t be a problem.

We got to Travis and he shook Hubs’ hand and said it was good to see us again.

He signed the book and the metallic Sharpie wasn’t working. I grabbed a couple of them and started rolling them while holding them upside down.

T: These markers suck, right?

Me: Yeah. It’s because they’re not supposed to be stored on their side.

T: Oh. Should I *taps markers against the table like it’s a drum head*

S: Here you go, try this one. *hands him marker*

The marker worked immediately and he asked if we wanted the book personalized. Hubs said yes, if he didn’t mind.

6 8 7

Hubs also asked Travis to sign the back of his phone. While Travis was signing, his handler told Hubs that the phone was the last thing we could get because it was supposed to be books only.

Travis thanked us for coming and said he appreciated it.

We stopped to say goodbye to a couple of people and to thank them for everything. As always, the staff at The Grove go above and beyond.

Annnnnd as we left, this was just some of the people waiting.


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4 responses to “The time I fixed the markers

    • Stacee

      It was a lot of fun! And yes, Travis has always been nice the few times we’ve met him.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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