The time there was waiting

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I went to the Pierce Brown signing for Red Rising after being pushed into it. Of course, he was delightful and it was a fun event. So, when I saw that he was going to be at MG again for Golden Son, it was a definite thing.

Michelle and I got down to the store a bit early, after grabbing Starbucks. We were able grab front row seats and we settled in, reading while killing time.

photo 1(3)

By 3:30, the store was packed with people. Pierce came out right at 4pm and said he was going to read a small portion from Golden Son. He didn’t want to spoil anyone just in case people in the crowd hadn’t read the book yet.

He asked people not put him on the spot with spoilers, or he would throw things. Someone asked if he was going to throw books and he said no, there were gummy bears somewhere.

photo 4

It was then opened up to questions.

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Wars

Tea or coffee?


PC or mac?

I go both ways.

Batman or Superman?

Batman {This started a whole conversation about Batman and nipples on the bat suit.}

Now that the movie rights have been acquired, do you have any thoughts on cast?

Lots. It’ll be closer when the script is developed. I know that Daniel Day Lewis can’t play Darrow and that’s the only person I would want.

photo 1(2)

Was the screenplay hard to write?

Yes. The book took me a month, the screenplay took me over a year. In the book, Darrow has a lot of inner monologue. And with movie, you show instead of tell.

When you’re writing, what wakes you up at 3am?

My neighbors dog. Or the idea that I’ve layered my plot wrong and I’ve stolen the idea and the real person who wrote this stuff is in a closet somewhere.

Do your characters ever go left when you want them to go right?

Yes. I’m a pantser and I don’t write great outlines. My editor will tell me how he’ll get outlines from other authors that are 30 pages and mine was on a napkin.

At what point will we learn why The Forbidden Song be forbidden?

I think it’s been talked about in the culture. It was used during the rebellion. I still can’t tell you.

photo 5

Favorite book from childhood and one book that you read over and over again?

I really like A Night in the Cupboard because they fought giant rats. I also really love the abridged copy of the Iliad that my parents gave me when I was six. One that I constantly read is Dune.

Does Darrow have a last name?

Just son of Dale. He’s more proud of his clan than what his last name would be. The reds are all about the clan where the golds are all about the name.

Do you have a little more say in the movie since you wrote the screen play?

That’s a cute question. I’m able to keep a little bit of control, but it’s all based on the relationship that I have with the director. Plus, I know where he lives.

The most drastic thing you’ve done for a deadline?

I’ll tell you the 3rd most drastic. Does it have to be about writing? I wrote a horrible paper about Russia. My professor was an ex-CIA agent and I didn’t read the entire set of directions. I thought it was 1 or 2 topics of 7 listed and it was 7 of 7.  We stayed up and drank probably 5 pots of coffee.  When I was done, I had to go for a walk and ended up at the gym, where I fell asleep.

A few weeks later, I got the paper back and it wasn’t a bad grade, but there was a note to look at a specific page.  At one section, it said “Vladimir Stinky Dick Putin”.  I guess my friends got a little bit of revenge while I was sleeping.


I’ve heard you’ve read a lot of stuff before Red Rising…

Yeah. Stuff would be accurate. There was one about people flying around on stuffed animals, throwing lances at each other.

What are you reading right now?

Station 11. Wait. Was the correct answer, nothing I’m just writing the 3rd book?

How far are you into book 3?

Pretty far? Did my editor send you?

Will you be at SDCC?

Yes. My first time, I was so nervous that some one handed me a beer and told me to shotgun it.  Someone saw me and ran and told them that we were doing it.

Do you cosplay?

No, but I appreciate it.


How long was the character in your head if it only took you a month to write?

Literally like 2 days. We were mountain climbing at night and the stars were so bright. It’s the most beautiful thing and the most agonizing. I was reading Antigone {and I don’t know where this went} and the character was pretty much fully formed.

If you hit a road block because the characters are so intelligent, how do you get around it?

I take a lot of walks. And I eat. Or I’ll decide to clean my tires and then decide that I should clean my car too. That I need to take care of my stuff. Sometimes I’ll try to push through it and then fix it later.

I’ve written a letter in the character’s voice. If they’re writing a confession to someone, what would they say? It might not be the best decision, but at least they made a decision.

There was a question about his current non-fiction reads, but I wasn’t fast enough. He talked about loving things that were based on history, that if the characters are interesting, he’ll care about history.

What’s your favorite incarnation of Batman?

I thought we covered this. Nipple gate. I like Christian Bale. It might not be the most accurate, but I like how it works with my imagination.

You don’t like Adam West?

I like Adam West on Family Guy. That’s probably my favorite.


Did you have a playlist?

Yes.  I should probably get that out there.  A lot of Of monsters and Men, Ben Fold, a lot of Johnny Cash.

I just finished my first novel. Do you have any editing advice?

Find some readers that you trust and let them read it. Know that if they don’t like your writing, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you. Your writing will get better.

It has been about 30 minutes of Pierce answering questions before the signing portion started.  We were told to line up by number {Michelle and I were 34 and 35}. We ended up being right in front of Keiko and we pushed The Wrath and The Dawn as hard as we could chatted about all of the books she needed to read immediately.

After about an hour, Michelle and I got up to Pierce.  Introduced himself and shook our hands. He loved the mustache post its we used, so he took a photo with Michelle while both of them were wearing the post its.  She asked him one song to describe the writing process and that prompted an entire conversation about music and Mars Volta and I sort of stood back and watched Michelle sort of swoon all over him.

While I was watching, Pierce grabbed my book right out of my hand.  He started laughing and said “Ha! She didn’t even see me coming!” When he handed it back to me, he told me what the inscription said and then explained that it was something the golds say at dinner before they starting killing people.

photo 4(1) photo 5(1)

As always, Pierce is delightfully charming and his smile should definitely be illegal.  I haven’t had a chance to read the books yet, but as excited as tonight’s crowd was, I need to get to them soon.

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23 responses to “The time there was waiting

    • Stacee

      Adam West is one of the best parts of that show. I love that they got him to be a regular character.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  1. Wow, seems like he’s a lot of fun on events, as well as writing amazing books!! And you definitely NEED to read both books Stacee, they’re brilliant!!

    • Stacee

      Yeah, he was a blast when I saw him the first time too. And I know, I know. They’ve been moved up the TBR list…

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Stacee

      Ha! It did sound like we were at a meeting…which is not too far fetched of an idea. :D

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Stacee

      Did you read the first one? I’ll have to stalk your GR page to see what you thought.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, sweet pea! <3

  2. Ermygahd I’m in love with this author… and I haven’t even read Jim yet. That smile though!! I’ve had the first book in my TBR for awhile and now I must move it up because I’m swooning over the author now that you’ve posted all these pics of his amazingness. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the books once you read them! Glad this event was fun!

  3. I STILL NEED TO READ THESE. OMG what is wrong with me??? haha You always say such good things and I don’t doubt your recommendations. I will definitely drop everything if they come to MN. Also, read the post above too and am excited to look into Golden Son as well. Thanks for all the event recaps, I so love them. Hope you’ve had a magnificent start to your new year! ~Rachel

    • Stacee

      HI RACHEL!!

      I haven’t read them either, but they’ve moved up my TBR stack…

      Thank you for reading and commenting — I hope 2015 is treating you well!

      <3 <3

  4. Ugh you have no idea how jealous I was when I was following your photos on instagram.. I mean… Pierce effing Brown. He should be illegal. He writes amazing books, he’s bloodydamn awesome, and I would probably trip over myself if he smiled at me.
    Ugh. Just ugh.

    • Stacee

      I know, I know. That’s what everyone says! They’ve been moved up by TBR list, so soooooon.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Stacee

      That seems to be the consensus. I had no idea they were going to be movies… I need to read them asap.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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