The time I took the entire front row

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By now, everyone knows about my love for all things Sarah J Maas and Throne of Glass. So, of course, when the release party date was announced and it was fairly local, there was no doubt that I’d be going.

On the day of the release, there were loads of people tweeting about the book, the release party and their attendance. Expecting a lot of people, I forced Hubs to leave San Diego just after 2 o’clock. We got up to Mrs. Nelson’s around 4pm.

I went to buy the book for a friend and one of the girls working said I was more than welcome to hang out in the store, that they had people wandering around who were attending. I went to the event area and quickly claimed the entire front row.

As I was buying a Mr. Darcy tote bag, Sarah walked in with her husband and her parents. She saw me at the counter and said hi. And STG, I get so giddy around her. Like I’ve never seen her before. Walking back to my seats, I noticed they set up the guest book [a copy of ToG] next to the display by the front door.

Sarah came out around 6pm.  The events manager, Beverly, introduced Sarah and told everyone there would be mingling and snacks.  Beverly said there would be a talk and Sarah would sign, but to enjoy the food [cupcakes!!] and the company.  After about 20 minutes or so, Sarah and Beverly both came back to the front.

Beverly revealed the results of the Who Would You Choose? question [Chaol won 75% to Dorian’s 25%] and the raffle people were chosen to win the pack of books the store had put together as a giveaway.

Sarah didn’t do a reading, but immediately opened it up to questions.  She also asked the crowd if there were any FictionPress fans.  Amazingly, ToG was written and posted on FictionPress ten years ago.  And Sarah wrote this lovely blog post about how thankful she is for those specific fans.

I would like to thank them all as well.  While I have no doubt ToG would have been found at some point [because it is that phenomenal], the encouragement Sarah received from her fans propelled her to look into publishing.

There were some good questions, but the most important one is that the story of Throne of Glass will span 6 books.  Six.  Books.


You guys.

She’s contracted for 3 books now, but hopes the she will be able to continue with the other three because the story arc will not be finished after the third book.  After that news, I just didn’t pay attention to anything else…

The signing started and it took a bit to get up to Sarah.  She was taking her time and chatting with everyone who came to the table.  When I got up there, I handed Sarah my book for Christina, I mentioned that I would be getting my book at her tour date in San Diego.  And her answer?

“And if I recall, that’s your birthday, right?”


After I confirmed that it was my birthday, she said she was going to embarrass me at the event and perhaps even bring me a birthday hat that I had to wear.

We chatted a bit more [she likes Doctor Who and my Tardis phone case] and then we took some photos.

Since I don’t have my copy to show the picture of the autograph, take a look at this lovely map that’s inside the finished copy…

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16 responses to “The time I took the entire front row

  1. I'm so jealous. I thought I'd be happy with my signed ARC but I'm just not. Stupid California being so far away!

    Also, when I met her at Comic Con, we rushed the signed just as it was ending so I don't even think I had a chance to say anything. And I hadn't read the book yet so I wouldn't have really had anything other than, “So looking forward to it!” To say.

    Sigh. Oh, well. Maybe…she'll…come to Vancouver???

    Probably not though.

  2. OHMYGAH! I am so incredibly jealous! But at the same time, I'm excited for you :-) And for Sarah! I finished Throne of Glass over the weekend and simply adored it. I'm hoping to head out to the store tonight to get my finished copy. Hopefully Sarah will make it to Houston sometime soon!

    Thanks for the recap :-) I love your blog and am a new loyal follower!

  3. OH MY GOD!!! I'm sooo insanely jealous! Ugh! I really really wanted to go but it would have meant a plane ride and I couldn't get up the courage to ask my dad lol, since only last month I begged him to let me go to Huntington Beach for the Dark Days Tour. I just didn't have the courage to ask for yet another LA trip! I'm so jealous though, I wish I could have been there!

    I am THRILLED that ToG will be 6 books!! Bring it on!!

    Also in all my fan girliness, I will soon have THREE copies of ToG: a US ARC, a US finished copy, and a UK finished copy! I'm such a dork!!

  4. Wow, thanks for the play by play! I'm so jealous I couldn't be there (I live allll the way on the other side of the country in NC:( New Follower :)

  5. This would all be resolved if you would just move here. Then you could go to all of the signings with me!!

    Yes. This is an excellent idea.

  6. Hi Katie!

    Yes, ToG was amazing. And I hope you get to meet Sarah, she's really just so adorable.

    I'm glad you like the blog, hope to see you around!!

  7. Hi Ashley!!

    Where are you at? That's serious dedication to fly to HB for the tour stop.

    I'm also thrilled ToG will be 6 books. I can't wait to see what else she has in store for the characters.

    Annnnnd, I'll also be ordering a UK copy soon. I just love the cover so so so much.

    Thanks for the comment!!

  8. Hiya, Stacee!

    By now it's no secret that I'm a huge ToG/Sarah Maas fan (woot for extended twitter conversations!) either. SIX BOOKS?!?! (Did you hear my squees all the way from MS?)

    Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you! Annnd thanks for getting it signed for me. I can't wait to hug it.

    She remembered your birthday, how awesome?! I know she'll make it fun for you.


    P.S. I love the gifs.

    P.P.S. I'm sorry I just spazz-attacked your comment section. I've had a little bit too much caffeine today.


    I'm so glad you liked the post. Thanks for your comments, I love that you're just as enthusiastic as I am.

    And I love the gifs too. I think I'm going to start incorporating them.

    Comment away!!


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