The time I was over caffeinated

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The Fierce Reads tour was always a sure thing.  It was on my events list as soon as it was announced.  The day of the of event, Mysterious Galaxy tweeted out that it seemed there were a lot of people who were going to be attending.  It always makes me spastic because I want to be at the store early to make sure I get a good seat. Thankfully, Michelle also wanted to get there early, so we met up…

I got there around 4:30 and she was already at Starbucks. We had a drink and then went over to the store to pick up our books. She also brought me a pretty, pretty copy of Pride & Prejudice [my favorite book] from the Philippines.  And I also bought a copy of The Wolf Gift because it was signed by Anne Rice.

We then had so much time left before the signing started, soooooo we went back to Starbucks and had another drink.  This might not be such a big deal, however, I’ve been trying to give up caffeine.  Needless to say, that second chai might not have been the greatest idea I’ve ever had. But.  Sitting around with Michelle, chatting all about books?  Sheer perfection.

We went back to the store around 6:30 and were able to grab seats right in front.  All of the authors got there around 6:45 and then left to go to the wig store.

The event started just after 7.  They had a disc with all of the book trailers, but there wasn’t anywhere to actually play the trailers.  There was another person who attended the event who had a laptop, so they set that up.  Each trailer was shown and then each author spoke about their book.

Emmy Laybourne went first.  She gave a brief synopsis of the book and made the joke that she had no idea what was wrong with her because she kills so many people in Monument 14. During the Q&A, she talked about how she felt that writing was a lonely existence and she was okay with that.  Fierce Reads is her first tour and she loves how interactive the book tour actually is. She also said that when people come out for her next tour, she’s going to hug everyone.  So, if you’re “hug averse” don’t show up.

Leigh Bardugo went next.  Now, first off, Leigh is so so so much fun on Twitter. She and I hounded Elizabeth Norris about touring on the west coast and somehow, in all of that, we became “Good cop/Bad cop”.  Leigh being the good cop.  I made jokes about getting badges for us [which I didn’t actually get around to buying].

During the Q&A, Leigh talked about being a copy writer and being told that since she was a lady, she had to write about “lady things”. While doing that, it was hard for her to focus on her own writing because she would get home and only want to watch “So You Think You Can Dance” before going to sleep.  Once she switched careers to makeup/special effects, it was much easier for her to work on her writing.

Marissa Meyer was next.  She talked about how Cinder was a take on Cinderella had cyborgs and moon people and a plague. During the Q&A, Marissa talked about writing Sailor Moon fanfiction and then submitting a short story in a contest.  There were a list of 10 things and each story had to have 2 of the items.  She chose “fairy tale” and “set in the future” and ended up writing a futuristic play on Puss in Boots.  She found out there were only 2 entries to the contest and she didn’t win.

Anna Banks was next and she is hilarious. After her book trailer, she pointed out how hot the feet were on the guy who played one of her main characters since that was all you saw of him.  She also said that she wrote about mermaids because everything else had been done already.  She wanted to do a story about Sasquatch, but doesn’t think the YA community is ready for that yet.

Jennifer Bosworth was next.  She prefaced her introduction by saying she had done a shot of Benadryl before hand, so she wasn’t quite sure what was going to be said.  Jennifer was doing really well and then all of a sudden, she completely lost her train of thought and asked aloud what she was talking about.  During her book trailer, she was mouthing all the words along with the actors.

Because there were so many authors and so many books to introduce, the Q&A session wasn’t very extensive.  I think maybe 3-4 questions were asked. But there was an excellent little mini debate about self-publishing versus publishing houses.

And then the signing began… We got into one huge line.  Michelle was even able to procure some of the Fierce Reads posters.

I got up to Emmy first.  She shook my hand [which I thought was super cool] and thanked me for coming out.  As she was signing my book, I was taking ALL OF THE BOOKMARKS and I made the comment that bookmarks were the best part.  Emmy looked shocked and asked, “Bookmarks are the best part?” I shrugged and said that I had a special box just for bookmarks, so I like to get them.

Leigh was next [after saying a quick hi to Jennifer].  When I got to her, she said that I looked like someone she knew.  I told her that I was the one who did good cop/bad cop with her and she started clapping.  Michelle and I also had a Twitter conversation with Leigh after she made the statement that she would sign anything and requested that we bring a live piglet.

I told Leigh that I was going to try and make her MGRB event and that I would be stalking her at ALA.  She told me to stalk away and then rewarded me with a special pin!  When it came to my post-it, I had written my name along with “AKA: BAD COP”.  Her inscription couldn’t be any better.

When I got to Anna, I thanked her for coming out.  She said not to thank her because the publisher makes her go on tour.  My answer was “good.”  Anna turned to Leigh and told her that I was being mean.  I asked Leigh who she was going to believe and Leigh pointed to Anna.  I then pointed out that Anna was admittedly under the influence of Jennifer’s second hand Benadryl.  I believe I won that round.

This particular group of ladies are perfection together.  They all mesh so well together, feeding off each other’s answers.  I feel fairly certain I would have laughed as much as I did without all of the Starbucks.

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  1. Anna was hilarious at Mrs. Nelson's stop! That YA Sasquatch Romance, its going to be the next big thing ;)

    All the authors were so much fun. I would highly suggest that anyone near one of the tour stops should go. I need to stalk my library for the books I wasn't able to get.

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