The time Lucy broke down on the 405

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We were on our way to the Barnes and Noble in Huntington Beach and I was driving my MINI Cooper, Lucy. Pretty much right after merging from the toll road to the 405N, an indicator light came on warning me that my engine was too hot. We started pulling of the freeway and thankfully we did because the warning light turned red and Lucy was officially overheating.

Before I even had time to call the dealer, a CHP/roadside service guy pulled over [did you know that it’s all free in Orange County?] and after looking at my car, told me there wasn’t any water in it. Water was added, indicator lights turned off and we were just about to leave when the guy motioned for us not to go yet.

And then he pointed out the huge puddle of water seeping/pouring/exploding out from under the car..


Turns out there was a hose broken and Lucy couldn’t be driven any further. At this point, I had given up on making the event.

I fought with the roadside assistance people because I should have been under warranty. I fought with the dealer because they had told me that they could only give me a loaner car if I got there before 7pm [the tow truck was scheduled to pick us up at 6:45]. Pleading my case that I didn’t live in Costa Mesa, could they please, please, please do something the guy said, “I can’t do anything if you’re here after 7pm.”

We got the most awesome tow truck guy ever. He picked us up at 6:20, had Lucy loaded in 7 minutes and in the middle of rush hour traffic, took the carpool lane to ensure I got there in time. Manny from Mission Viejo towing? I owe you big time.

We got there at 6:50. I was horribly spastic. It wasn’t even about getting to the signing anymore, it was about getting back home… I ran around the dealer, pretty much screaming at anyone who slowed down long enough. Not screaming like “AHHH, I’M SO ANGRY, GRRRR”.  More like, “AHHH, WHERE’S THE CAR SECTION, I NEED TO GET THERE BEFORE THEY CLOSE AND LOCK ME INSIDE AND I’M STUCK IN COSTA MESA FOREVER.”

After the paperwork was completed and the dealer was stupid enough to give me a BMW as a loaner car, Hubs says, “We might as well go to the signing, since we’re so close.” [Did I mention that we were 2 exits away from the bookstore?]

Obviously, I got there while the talking was going on. I was still too amped up to even really be listening… So, I just huddled up in the back and typed most of this post. After the planned questions from the bloggers who were moderating, they had 2-3 audience questions and then the signing started.


They formed one huge line and then then sort of fed us through to each author. I got up to Gayle first. I plopped my purse down on the counter and she commented on how cute it was. We chatted for a bit about Kate Spade purses being worth the cost before Gayle asked how I liked FOB and if I had read Fifty Shades of Grey. After she signed my books, I told her that I’d probably see her tomorrow at the SD stop.

Back to the line, and then over to Nina. She also remembered me from FOB. And Twitter. When I mentioned that I wasn’t sure that I liked being recognized from Twitter, she said that it was cool seeing readers talk about the books. I said I was spastic. She said enthusiastic. I’ll take it.

Back in line, waiting for Stephanie.

And waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

Now. Here’s a little back story. Kassiah, the ever so lovely woman who designed this blog, shares her ARCs with me and is just all around awesome, has been holding it over my head for MONTHS that Stephanie gave her Étienne. Kassiah refuses to share him with me. And while I would like him, I really enjoy riling her up by saying I’m going to ask for him because she gives the best responses.

So when I got up to Stephanie [after telling her a very edited version of Lucy blowing up], I showed her this picture on my phone.

And proceeded to tell her how we are fighting over Étienne and could she please, please, please inscribe something in the book about Kassiah sharing him. Stephanie said absolutely, that she loved when friends fought over things like this. And so this happened…

I haven’t told Kassiah yet. ;)

When we were done, Stephanie said she wanted a hug because she couldn’t believe that I still made it to the signing after the night we had. She also thanked the Hubs for bringing me.

Tomorrow is the tour stop at Mysterious Galaxy, which is about 15 minutes from my apartment. Assuming all goes well with the dealer, I’ll be going to that stop as well. Fingers crossed.

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