The time Kurt Loder bowed down to me

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Kurt Loder represents pretty much the entire span of my teenage years.  Growing up, Mtv was always on [you know, back when they actually showed videos], so Kurt was my source for any sort of news, music related or otherwise.  I mean, he’s the one who told me that Kurt Cobain was dead, so in my opinion, he’s golden.  You can imagine my reaction when I saw that he was doing a signing…

We got up to Book Soup and purchased the book.

We were there a bit early because I drove.  I have a tendency to speed a little.  Okay, a lot.  Needless to say, we had some free time before it started.  I chose to spend that time talking [or freaking out] to the woman who worked there about how I just ran a red light,  the camera went off and I just knew it was going to be expensive.  Turns out, LA dismantled all of the red light cameras in September.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for that to be true because it’s a $486 fine. O_o
For this signing, they had chairs set up.  As mentioned before in another post, Book Soup is tiny.  There were about 10 chairs set up in rows of 2.  We took the second row of seats.
Kurt showed up on time.  He turned bright red when he walked to the podium after his introduction.

He briefly spoke about his background and then started talking about movie reviews.  After talking for a few minutes, he asked if anyone had questions.  When no one said anything, he looked to the Book Soup people and asked if the signing was going to start now.  The woman started laughing and shaking her head and then asked the first question.

From there, he really got started.

People asked him about bad movies he keeps watching [9th Gate], movies that he thought were unintentionally funny [someone in the crowd said Twilight, he said he wasn’t the target audience for that movie, but “God bless the audience that is”], what his favorite movies are [LOTR, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind] and great, but underrated movies [In Bruges].  He is a huge horror movie fan and doesn’t think remakes are necessary.

When the Q&A was done, he went to the back of the store to start the signing.  I ended up at the front of the line.

We walked up and he immediately thanked us for buying the book and coming to the event.  After I thanked him for having the event, he asked us if we were from LA [he lives in NY].  I told him we were from San Diego and he said, “You didn’t drive all the way up here from San Diego just for this, did you?”.  When I said we did, he was briefly stunned into silence before he said, “I bow down to you” and then placed his head on the counter.

My husband and Kurt talked a bit about In Bruges, as it’s one of my husband’s favorite movies.  He then started to sign the book and stated that his handwriting has gotten worse.

I couldn’t be happier with it.

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