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When I was given the opportunity to interview Tori Anne Martin for her upcoming release, I couldn’t reply fast enough. I am always here for a witchy book and This Spells Disaster sounded amazing. (I’m about halfway through and loving it!)

Before we get to the Tori Anne’s answers, let’s check out the book!

Title: This Spells Disaster
Author: Tori Anne Martin
Pages: 368
Publisher: Berkley Romance
Pub Date: September 12, 2023
Find It: PRH | Bookshop | Goodreads

Synopsis: Potion maker and self-proclaimed “messy witch” Morgan Greenwood is sure she was hexed at birth. Not only did she drunkenly offer to fake date the woman of her dreams during the biennial New England Witches’ festival, but Rory Sandler, spellcasting champion and brilliant elemental witch–for reasons known only to the Goddess–accepted. It’s like every good luck spell Morgan ever cast came through at once, and it doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict this charade will end with a broken heart.

Or is the magic between them real? As Morgan and Rory prepare to fool everyone at the festival, their relationship starts to feel a whole lot less fake–right until Morgan realizes she might have screwed up the common relaxation potion she made for Rory and given her a love potion instead, breaking one of the most sacred Witch Council Laws.

To fulfill her promise to Rory, Morgan must somehow keep playing pretend while under the watchful eyes of Rory’s family and legion of fans. But to break the love potion, she’ll also have to prove how incompatible she and Rory really are. For a screwup like her, ruining their relationship should be easy–except every day, Morgan is becoming more bewitched by Rory herself.

Sounds good, right?

1. Please give the elevator pitch for This Spells Disaster.

This Spells Disaster is the story of a witch who offers to fake date her famous crush, but when her crush seems to be falling for her for real, she panics that it must be because she accidentally gave her a love potion, and she sets out to break the spell, even if it breaks her own heart. Think a queer, witchy take on How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.

2. Which came first: the characters or the plot?

The characters, although they weren’t fully formed until I started getting into the plot. I had a character relationship dynamic in my head—the sunshiny one who uses her loud personality to hide her insecurities, and the reserved but frighteningly competent one who only gets more quiet when she’s stressed. They fit perfectly into this accidental love potion premise I wanted to write, but the specifics of their personalities didn’t develop until I was working on the plot and world building.

3. Why do you love Morgan and Rory and why should readers root for them?

I hope people will find them extremely relatable! A lot of Morgan’s characteristics are loosely based on someone who is very dear to me, so I love her for that reason alone. She’s also the hilariously funny friend who would totally forget to pick up your birthday cake on the way to the party, but be the first to throw herself between you and an oncoming bus. Rory is the quiet friend who, when she does speak, always knows just what to say because she’s figured you out better than you’ve figured out yourself. If you matter to her, she’d never forget a birthday or your favorite drink, and you know you matter to her when she lets you see her smile.

4. Were there any weird things you googled while drafting?

Nothing I would consider especially weird, honestly. Whenever spell or potion ingredients were mentioned, I did research to pick out things that would be plausible in a real life witchcraft way. I also wasted a bunch of time researching the magical associations of various crystals just so I could name a building after the “right” one.

5. Without spoilers, which scene was your favorite to write?

This is a tough one! The practice kissing scene, of course, is a favorite. But I think the overall most fun one to write was the magical scavenger hunt. It was work trying to come up with challenges for the characters that showed off their personalities, but it also let me put them in some interesting situations that pushed the plot forward while also (hopefully!) being funny.

Speed {ish} round: 

1. You find out that you’re being published for the first time. Describe the next 5 minutes. 

Pretty sure when this happened I just stared at the email in disbelief for most of that time!

2. What three things would you take to a desert island? 

A loaded e-reader, a solar power charger, and a giant hat.

3. You can only read one book for the rest of your life. What is it?

Pride and Prejudice.

4. What is the one thing about publishing you wish someone would have told you?

When I was first starting out—that publishing was not a meritocracy and to stop listening to the people who insisted it was.

5. You wake up and discover you are Bella in Twilight. You know how it plays out. What do you do differently?

Everything? When it comes to vampires, I’m a Buffy girl.


Tori Anne Martin lives in New England where she collects pen names, tattoos, and hoodies in shades of gray and black. Previously, she collected degrees, including a doctorate in psychology where she studied interpersonal power, consent, and sexual assault. She much prefers writing romance. If you can’t find her online, it’s because she’s lost in the woods. website | instagram


huge thanks to Berkley for the opportunity and to Tori Anne for taking the time.  This Spells Disaster releases today and buy links are above!

Have you read this book? What is your favorite witchy book?

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