The time it was about The Nanny

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When I got the invite to interview Lana Ferguson for her upcoming release The Nanny, I jumped.  And while I haven’t had a chance to dive in yet (it’s next on my TBR), the synopsis sounds like everything I could want.

Before we get to Lana’s answers, let’s check out the book.

Title: The Nanny
Author: Lana Ferguson
Pages: 432
Publisher: Berkley Romance
Pub Date: April 11, 2023
Find it: PRH | Bookshop | Goodreads

Synopsis: A woman discovers the father of the child she is nannying may be her biggest (Only)Fan in this steamy contemporary romance by Lana Ferguson.

After losing her job and being on the brink of eviction, Cassie Evans finds herself with two choices: get a new job (and fast) or fire up her long-untouched OnlyFans account. But there are no jobs to be found, and as for OnlyFans. . . . Well, there are reasons she can’t go back. Just when all hope seems lost, an ad for a live-in nanny position seems the solution to all her problems. It’s almost too perfect—until she meets her would-be employer.

Aiden Reid, executive chef and DILF extraordinaire is far from the stuffy single dad Cassie was imagining. She is shocked when he tells her she’s the most qualified applicant he’s met in weeks, practically begging her to take the job. With hands that make her hindbrain howl and eyes that scream sex, the idea of living under the same roof as Aiden feels dangerous, but with no other option, she decides to stay with him and his adorably tenacious daughter, Sophie.

Cassie soon discovers that Aiden is not a stranger at all, but instead someone who is very familiar with her—or at least, her body. She finds herself at a loss for what to do, given that he doesn’t remember her. As their relationship heats to temperatures hotter than any kitchen Aiden has ever worked in, Cassie struggles with telling Aiden the truth, and the more terrifying possibility—losing the best chance at happiness she’s ever had.

Sounds good, right?

1. Please give the elevator pitch for The Nanny.

The Nanny is a forced proximity, single dad/nanny story that puts a spin on second chance romance and offers a ton of spice and open door scenes. Cassie is the grad student with a now-closed OnlyFans account. Aiden was one of her top subscribers. Neither of them realize this when he hires her. Mutual pining and heaps of sexual tension ensue.

2. Which came first: the characters or the plot?

The plot, for sure! Once I got it into my head that I wanted two people living under the same roof and dancing around their growing attraction for each other, I got to work figuring out who I was going to be unsuspectingly dropping into that scenario.

3. Why do you love Cassie and Aiden and why should readers root for them?

I love Cassie and Aiden because they’re both so good for each other. Aiden needs Cassie’s forever-optimism and unyielding support to give him more confidence in being a dad, and Cassie needs the stability and inevitable love Aiden offers, something she’s never gotten from anyone other than her cantankerous neighbor. They’re two people who by all accounts, should have lost each other forever, and yet somehow found themselves right back in each others’ orbit.

4. Were there any weird things you googled while drafting?

I had to do extensive googling on how one-on-one cam sessions work. How payment is exchanged, where they can happen (since it’s not a feature in OF), etc.

5. Without spoilers, which scene was your favorite to write?

I usually say that epilogues in general are my favorite scenes to write, but if I have to pick a specific scene—I would say their first kiss. There was just so much dancing around each other that led up to it, so finally smushing them together after words and words and words of yelling: “just kiss!” at my laptop was very satisfying. And let’s be real, because this is me, everything that came after that kiss was intensely fun to write as well, hehe.

Speed {ish} round:

1. You find out that you’re being published for the first time. Describe the next 5 minutes.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting my editor in person the first time we discussed everything, and I think I covered my face in my coat in a very undignified way to hide my squeeing (I don’t know, it’s all very hazy). When it was all finalized and for sure happening, I dialed up my friends on a group Facetime and screamed at them for the next five minutes at a decibel that is more appropriate for dogs than for humans.

2. What three things would you take to a desert island?

Well, since I have the survival skills of a killdeer bird (you should definitely google this bird; they literally make themselves appear crippled when they spot a predator), I doubt I would last very long on said island. With that in mind, I would just plan for a day (or so) of fun and bring goggles to look for cool seashells, a beach blanket to avoid sand (because, ew), and a whole watermelon to have a nice snack before the predators claim me.

3. You can only read one book for the rest of your life. What is it?

I feel like I should say The Hobbit, because it’s my favorite book, but I am going to be honest and say Worse Guy by Ruby Dixon. I’ve read it an embarrassing number of times. Ruby is well aware of this. I am a big fan of Crulden. If I only get one book forever? I want to make sure that it is…stimulating.

4. What is the one thing about publishing you wish someone would have told you?

IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO PUBLISH A BOOK. Do not, I repeat, do not think that getting a book deal means you’ll be seeing your book in the next six months. (She said, totally having not done that, not at all.)

5. You wake up and discover you are Bella in Twilight. You know how it plays out. What do you do differently?

Well, I am entirely too indecisive for a love triangle, so let’s just say that my story would be a “why choose” scenario. That scene in the tent would have gone very differently.


Lana Ferguson is a sex-positive nerd whose works never shy from spice or sass. When she isn’t writing—you can find her randomly singing show tunes, arguing over which Batman is superior, and subjecting her friends to the extended editions of Lord of the Rings. Lana lives mostly in her own head, but can sometimes be found chasing her corgi through the coppice of the great American outdoors.  website | instagram | tiktok


Huge thanks to Berkley for the invite and to Lana for taking the time. The Nanny release tomorrow, so go forth and pre-order! (links are above)

Have you read The Nanny? Is it on your TBR?

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    • Stacee

      I cackled so loudly at her Twilight answer. It’s definitely one of the best I’ve gotten in an interview.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!! I hope you love the book.

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