The time we were in the entourage

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I’ve always been a fan of Tom DeLonge and I think everyone knows how I feel about Suzanne Young. When I saw that they were going to be signing at The Grove, it was a sure thing. And then Suzanne so nicely sent me and arc and after reading the story, you couldn’t have kept me away.

We got up to the store around 4 and immediately headed to the event space. There was already a group of people lined up, so I got in line behind them and settled in to wait.

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We were eventually told by security that we had to move to a different area because the line up was going to be set up differently. We ended up running into Lita as we wandered around and we were able to chat it up while they were setting up the event area.

Suzanne messaged me around 6pm and after putting “reserved” post-its on our seats, we met up with her for a drink. I also learned some pretty awesome sekrit stuff.


We got back to the bookstore and went to the back room and hung out with everyone while waiting for Tom to get there. Tom and some people from To the Stars got there just before 7 and we were able to take some photos with them. Suzanne introduced me to Tom and explained about the email I wrote after reading the book. He {and his sister} said they loved my email. I tried not to die from excitement.

It was finally time to head to the event space and we walked with the entourage. It was really surreal seeing that side of it.


Tom and Suzanne hopped up on stage and Tom started talking about Poet Anderson right away.

T: Ten years ago I was in a hotel in Paris and I was pretty stoned. I thought it would be pretty cool if there was this guy in a hat and he could jump over buildings and maybe he could fly. Shit has to glow. And there had to be battles. I had huge ideas. It wasn’t until Suzanne came in that it all came together.

Through the years I’ve seen people who have gotten tattoos or have stamped something that I’ve done. For those that have the “love” tattoo, that was an idea to have people look inside a bit. For Poet, it’s labeling yourself as a dreamer. I’m into stuff like that. Big ideas and things that have meaning.

Tom then told Suzanne that she had to say something and he handed her the microphone


S: As soon as I saw the animated short, I loved it. I see all of the things you guys do. I have all sorts of alerts set up. I love the world that you’ve made. It’s sort of our inner badass.

Meeting Tom was a lot of fun. It was also a little disappointing. I was expecting to have him come in and flip a table and break my things while cussing at me. He’s brilliant and has all of these really great ideas.

T: Not too long ago I put something about Rat Pack and that’s our production company. There’s going to be a major motion picture. {At this point, he walked over to his friend from Rat Pack who in the crowd and introduced him.}

They opened it up to a couple of questions. Because there were so many people there, it was supposed to be just a straight signing, but Tom wanted to talk a bit.


In the first chapter of Poet, his friends remind me of Mark and Travis and you were Poet.

There’s a lot of me in Poet. All of my friends come from a tribe. When I describe people, it comes from that.

Can we expect more multi-media?

Yes. Music will be involved with everything. It’s important to me. I feel like I may have drained my jug of music. I haven’t played guitar in 2 weeks, but I played yesterday and wrote the best song.

The signing started right after that. Hubs and I were first and we got our books and comics signed. While Hubs got the comics done, I went over to Suzanne and said thanks and all that stuff.

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I went to thank Lita, but instead asked if she needed help. Hubs and I ended up working the line, taking photos for people. We heard there were over 250 people there and all of them were so excited to see Tom and Suzanne. There were people from Europe, a few people shaking, and a few criers.

After the line was done, Lita let me take one of the signs down and I had Suzanne and Tom sign it. I also got a Poet Anderson air freshener from Suzanne. Everyone lingered for a moment to said goodbye and then we all sort of dissipated.

Poet Anderson is unlike anything I’ve read. I highly recommend it.

If you haven’t gotten your greedy hands on a copy, I’ve got a Twitter giveaway for a signed copy. Click here for details.

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4 responses to “The time we were in the entourage

  1. As soon as I saw Suzanne Young attached with this novel, I’ve been so incredibly excited for it. I’m such a fan of her books. Tom Delonge seems like such a creative person, so I can only imagine how his thoughts translate into words. Thank you for doing this post and making me feel like I was somewhat there ;).

    • Stacee

      Thank you!! That is the highest compliment I could get about the blog!

      The book is amazing. Suzanne and Tom have definitely created something unlike anything else out there. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the other books.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I hope you enjoy the read.


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