The time Hubs was called princess

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Hubs has always been a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy. He has religiously watched from the very beginning and we’ve even gone to a few fan events with the cast. Not to mention 2 panels at SDCC, complete with signing tickets. So, it sort of goes without saying that when I saw that Kurt Sutter was going to be doing a signing, I was going to see about going.

We got up to The Grove around 9:30 and I was really surprised that there wasn’t a line. While I was buying the book, I heard the people who were in front of me talking with the cashier. They were put in group E, so there had to have been a line at some point, we just missed it all.

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We were told that line up wouldn’t be until 1, so with time to kill, we went to the movies and I found my new obsession.


The movie was done at 12:30 and we decided to head over to the store to see if people were already lined up. As we were going up the escalators, we saw they had the letter groups stationed at certain sections of the store.


By 1pm, the lines were starting to fill up. One of the girls — Sage, who was amazing — came by and starting flapping books and reminding people of the rules.  We heard that they had sold through to group H, but that Kurt was only going to be there for 60 minutes.


Caryn came by and I was able to introduce myself. We were told that we couldn’t take photos after passing system box. I asked about taking a photo of him signing the book and was told no. Everything but the book needed to be put away before we went through the line holder.

Kurt got there just after 2pm and took a few minutes to pose for the media.



When Caryn came over to unlatch the bar, I pushed Hubs in front of me and said, “Go ahead, Princess.” Caryn laughed and said, “Yeah, come on, Princess.” Kurt heard that and said, “Princess?” Caryn told Kurt that it was what I called Hubs, so Kurt said, “Get up here, Princess.”

We handed the book to Sage and she handed it to Kurt. I thanked him for being there and he thanked us for coming. Hubs told him that Happy was the best character ever and Kurt agreed while shaking hands.  From there, we had our wristbands cut off and I went over to Caryn to say thanks. Hubs went into one of the corrals to take a couple of photos.


As we were leaving, we saw all of the groups of people lined up. It spanned entire sections of the store.

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Huge thanks to the awesome staff at The Grove. The event was really well run and we were done minutes after Kurt came out.  As for Kurt, even though all of our interaction with him have been a total of maybe 2 minutes, he’s always been super cool and polite.  It was pretty rad getting to see him in a different setting.

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