The time I skipped out on work

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As I mentioned here, I “met” Bethany through A.G. Howard. We bonded over all sorts of things [including Jeb and fangirling over Anita]. So, of course when she was going to have her launch party, I was going to try to go. The main problem is that work doesn’t always cooperate. Thankfully, I was able up work some voodoo magic on a coworker and skip out on work to attend.

We got down to the bookstore just after 2pm. They had a really nice event area display set up for her. Chairs weren’t out yet, but the BN employee assured us they would be out soon. After buying books, I settled into a stolen chair and waited.

Bethany got to the store around 2:30. She made the rounds, hugging the people that were already waiting. When she got to me, we hugged and ended up taking a selfie for Bethany to text to Anita.

She then started setting up all sorts of awesome swag, including some fortune cookies that she made.

I ended up talking with Jonny, the events manager, regarding other signings. Turns out he previously worked with Lita from The Grove. We talked about me being a blogger, the status of YA and the previous experiences I’ve had at other bookstores.

Bethany came out and started talking about how she has a nine year old daughter, Rebecca, who has cerebral palsy. People might assume that the book is based on Rebecca, but it’s more about her journey with Rebecca. She gave a synopsis about the book before the Q&A started.

Have you started your second book?

I’m working on my fourth. I’m working on something now that this publisher might like. It’s called STALKING WHITNEY HOUSTON. But it doesn’t have Whitney Houston in it.

How long did it take to write?

The rough draft was about 5 months. There was a lot of editing, that was about 9 months. I did a lot of editing before my editor. There’s things that you have to change for the book to maybe sell a little better. And then once it gets to a publisher, there’s even more editing. All together, it was probably close to a year and a half.

What did your girls think of it?

Rebecca is nine and nonverbal. We came in here and she saw the book — I think the yellow helps — and she knows that it’s mom’s book. Grace is 11 and she’s not allowed to read it yet. She’s read The Hunger Games and Divergent, she’s making her way up the YA. I really say that it’s 14 and up.

What is the new book about?

The story of a mom who is obsessed with Whitney Houston, trying to raise her 17 year old daughter to be Whitney. [There is a lot more, but I didn’t get it. It sounds hilarious.]

It’s a rewrite of the first manuscript I wrote called Stalking Peggy Flemming.  I took it to a convention and talked to someone there about it.  I decided to change it when  the person there said they knew who “Penny Flemming” was.  {this is a generalized answer, I didn’t get full details. Obvs.} I realized that  not many people know who Peggy Flemming is.

You write about teens who are trying to connect with parents and others, like many YA books, but you include other elements. Did you set out to do that?

I grew up as a minister’s daughter. Everyone thought I was the good girl, but I’m atypical. Not many people are a minister’s daughter. Not many people get shipped off to a camp. There’s a bit of everyone in that book. It’s how someone chooses to go forward after they see that.

Cricket does it in a very authentic way. Growth is ugly.

Now that the book is out, what had the response been?

It’s been pretty good. There’s been people who only see Cricket’s behavior and think it’s horrible. Some people have reviewed and said that this author only wanted to write about being mean to people.

I don’t think Cricket’s motivation is to really be mean, she doesn’t know any better. There are still things that my daughter does that my husband and I will still laugh at. There’s a stigma that people aren’t allowed to be different, but we’re all different.

I’d much rather read the flawed character than the straight laced one. I wouldn’t hang out with them.

The signing started around 3:30 and of course I was first. We chatted for a minutes while Bethany was signing and then took a picture. I thanked her and congratulated her again before running away.

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I ended up chatting with Jonny for another minute about future events before taking off.

Bethany is adorable and her book is hilarious. I cannot recommend either enough. Get out there and buy it ASAP. Oh, and Quinn is mine, I have proof.

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8 responses to “The time I skipped out on work

    • Stacee

      Agreed! I was so excited to be able to go and support Bethany!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

    • Stacee

      Bethany is amazing. She’s funny and smart and I can’t say enough awesome things about her. Her book is phenomenal.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  1. To both lovelies Stacee and Bethany… I am still looking, but I promise I’m not touching. ;)

    The book is fabulous. I am only half way through and I am already getting mourning pangs about the Cricket’s story coming to an end!

    • Stacee

      Don’t forget that Quinn is mine too. *shifty eyes*

      The book is fabulous, I’m so happy that you’re enjoying it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Anita

    Bahaha! The oven mitt on the table. I love it! *snorts*

    Stacee, what a wonderful wrap up to my pallie’s signing. I almost felt like I was there thanks to this and DMs/tweets/ texts along the way. You ROCK, my dear. <3

    • Stacee

      I had the same reaction to the oven mitt!

      Thank you for your kind words, Sweets. Saying it felt like you were there is the highest compliment you can give. *SMUGS*

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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