The time I was impressed

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When Richelle Mead was announced in San Diego, it was a pretty sure thing. Colleen had gotten me a copy of VA when Richelle was in Seattle as a way to persuade me read the series. Because texting me pictures of the hot Russian guy who is playing Dimitri apparently wasn’t enough.

The event was ticketed, so I got Hubs to call the day the book went on sale. Michelle and I were numbers 3 & 4.

We got down to MG around 4:30. We popped into the store, but the event area wasn’t set up. Michelle and I got some coffee and then headed back to the store to stake our claim. Anasheh was also able to come down from LA, so it was really nice to see her again!

The store filled up fast. Around 6:15, there were at least 50 people wandering around. We were able to get front row and we settled in to wait. Richelle came in just before 6:30, took a look at the crowd and left to wait in the back office.

Patrick came around to the crowd to tell us how many books Richelle would sign [four] and if she would take pictures [yes]. He also passed out raffle tickets, apparently Richelle was going to be giving things away.

She came out right at 7. She talked about how she has been reading from a certain scene that had fighting.  Recently, she did it while in a church. She didn’t feel right about it, so she has since decided just to talk about the book.

Gameboard of the Gods started while working on her Masters degree in comparative religion. Wondered what would happen if religion was taken away. Book is set 100 years in the future and to have religion, must have a license. MCs are flawed, dysfunctional. Girl lead has repressed emotions in a solider situation. Guy lead is loosely based on a guy that went to grad school with. A total party guy at night and then in school the next day would be totally on.

After about a 10 minute introduction, the Q&A started.

Which was your favorite VA book to write?

Shadow Kiss. Biggest emotional ending. Got a lot of hate mail for it, sometimes still gets some. Doesn’t enjoy the suffering, but likes the reaction readers have.

Fiery Heart is book 4 in Bloodlines. Will be out in November. It is the favorite of the series so far. Doesn’t say that about all of the books. Usually sends an email to editor about how career is over when a book is finished. If you thought Indigo Spell was hot, just wait.

The term crazy is tossed around a lot and it’s a dark journey that Adrian is on. And sometimes you’ll be “oh Adrian” [hugs] and other times you’ll be “oh Adrian” [fans self].


When you wrote Shadow Kiss, did you know the plan to get to Last Sacrifice?

Yes. When I sit down to write down any book, I know the big things. Knew it was something pivotal that had to happen between Rose and Dimitri to get them to the end.

How many books for Bloodlines and Gameboard?

BL: six. Game: not sure yet. Usually takes about 2 books to find out how long it’ll take to tell.

For Rose and Dimitri. Will they have kids?

Can’t answer anything about future plot lines. Can’t give away anything that may or may not happen.

In Spirit Bound, the small part where Sydney says Adrian is cute. Did you already have feels for them?

Whenever Jill was introduced [side note: when needs info about previous books, will ask Twitter for it. “Hey guys, what was the name of the such and such character in this scene?” “Oh you knew that too, yeah, so did I.”], had idea that there would be something with Jill and Sydney.

Who was your favorite Doctor and companion?

Writing a short story for BBC for the 6th doctor, so sort of biased. Only American woman who is writing in it. Had a lot of fun, but he’s a darker doctor and loves Peri. For every story, had experts going over every word to make sure that it was proper within the universe.

What person inspired you to write VA?

Similar process to Game. A bunch of ideas jammed together. One was a girl in love with her instructor, then Russian and Romanian vampire lore.

What advice do you have for aspirating authors?

Write and write often. Don’t take time off. As a professional writer, much harder to get back into it when time is taken off. Tell the story you want to tell. Don’t compare it to anything else. If you’re passionate about it, you can re-tell something.

Love the blog, read it more than books. Never seen a mention of son’s name. Is that for privacy?

Yes. Wants to keep him out of it. It’s very ordinary name. It’s not Vladimir.

About Storm Born series. Will you ever finish?

Had to wrap up for contractual reasons. Thought people would appreciate the edgy ending and they didn’t. If possible to write a million pages a day, there would be lots of spin offs.

What can you tell us about the movie?

Valentines day, 2014 is the release date. Filming in UK. Cast is having a lot of fun. Script is pretty true. When you sign away film rights, you really lose it all. Expected to walk into the theater and see a werewolf army movie.

Do you want a cameo?

I don’t know what I’d do. I’m 36, it would be like 21 Jumpstreet. “What is she doing? Is she here to narc on them?” Has scene one still from the scene of Christian and Lissa in the attic and it’s beautiful.

Is Game romance?

There is romance in it. It’s dysfunctional. It’s a slow burn.

Are you okay if they miss important details from the movie?

Yes. I knew what I was getting into. They’re two different mediums, many books to movies don’t work. Willing to take what comes. The script shown was amazing.

Did Rose really love Adrian?

I think her choice proved her decision.

You write many series at the same time. How do you keep them straight?

It’s easy. The hardest to to have to switch out. Working on Game 2, had to work on copy edits for Fiery Heart. Takes a couple days.

After the questions, Richelle pulled tickets for the giveaway.  She had a couple of t-shirts and a copy of a book [I didn’t catch which one].

When the giveaway was done, and before everyone was sent outside, Richelle told everyone how many books she would sign.  She also said that she would take pictures, but to make sure that someone knows how to use the phone or the camera to take a picture.  That even if it’s 30 extra seconds with each person, it does add a lot of time by the time it gets to the end of the line.Since Michelle and I were so close to the beginning, Patrick said we could stay in the store.  We helped fold up the chairs while the two women in front of us met with Richelle.

It was quickly my turn with Richelle.  While I handed her my books, I thanked her for coming.  I was seriously impressed that she can sign her name perfectly without even looking at the book.  She posed for my picture while signing.  That’s ninja status right there.


After my books were signed, Michelle when up.  I was taking her picture and Richelle asked if we were from San Diego.  When Michelle said yes, Richelle said that it must be nice to be able to be close to events.

From the start of the event, to the time we walked out the door, it was under an hour.  As we left, I got this photo of the line, which was only part of the crowd, since they had allowed a partial line up inside.

Richelle Mead was definitely worth it.  She’s funny and charming and absolutely worth whatever crowd it takes to fight in order to see her.

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13 responses to “The time I was impressed

  1. Even though I was there, it's always nice to read your recaps. Great evening, wonderful post, and as always, it was fun to spend time with you!

  2. we saw her in santa monica and it was great. glad that the san diego signing was awesome as well. richelle is the best. can't wait for the fiery heart.

  3. This was my first time meeting her and I thought she was adorable!

    I haven't started the BL books yet, but I'm sure I will eventually.

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